the-coming-1Is Jesus real?

Is He coming back?

It’s evident: life on earth grows more unstable by the moment. The fact is, our existence may soon change dramatically.

Shouldn’t everyone know?

We’re making a movie, but your support is needed.

My name is Diane, and I’m a reporter. I watch world events and tell what I see. And I see this: the Book of Revelation’s end times description eerily matches our current events.

What does this mean? Will the current age end? Is Jesus really coming back?

Nothing could be more important.

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We’re making a movie, The Coming Christ, to approach these questions.

Currently, we’re in the beginning stages: fundraising and garnering support. We’ve contacted churches, Bible teachers, and everyone else to build a community of people who want this movie in theaters everywhere.

Our current movie-making  budget is $700,000. A budget breakdown can be found here.

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How can you be part of the movie?

  1. Pray. We need God in the worst way!
  2. Join our community and spread the word. Facebook. Twitter. Share our trailer. Tell your church and pastor.
  3.  Donate via the box below or our GoFundMe page (psst: donate via GoFundMe page and you’ll get rewards.)

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Friends, The Coming Christ is not just a film. It is a movement: to pause, look around, and realize where we are…and what’s really happening.

Please join us. Every dollar counts.

The world may be on the precipice of change. You can be part of something great!

Much thanks,



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