Yes! I will help.

Dearest Friend,

Jesus is coming!

Unfortunately, most aren’t ready. As ancient Biblical stories occur in our lifetime it’s evident the apocalypse and Armageddon draw near. It’s time to awaken!

As the world unravels it falls into place. Puzzle pieces spoken by prophets long ago drop strategically as each day draws nearer to an event most don’t expect: the Second Coming.

If you’re Christian you have an obligation. As the Church – those armed with Truth – we must stand on the wall and sound the alarm. People need to know! The world won’t tell them Bible prophecy is unfolding, so the responsibility lies with us.

What better way than by film?

What Are We Doing?

What if the Bible’s Book of Revelation were true?

How would the world appear? Our technology, government, and the psyche of the masses – what would that look like?

The answer may surprise you: much like the appearance of our current world.

Our documentary-film will expose disturbing, under-reported world events – events most people don’t know about. We’ll examine the Bible’s end times and compare them to ours. The viewer will inevitably demand the conclusion: Jesus’ Kingdom must be near.

What’s Unique About This Film?

There’s so many end-times documentaries. How will ours be unique?

Most other apocalypse documentaries are produced by non-Biblical organizations such as National Geographic. They typically support unBiblical causes for the end of the world.

Others that are Biblically sound require a prior knowledge of prophecy to understand the movie. In other words, you need a PhD in theology before seeing the movie. This will not. This documentary is for everyone from the curious teen to the hard-working Joe. The only pre-requisite is thirst for Truth.

What’s the Status?

Me researching for The Coming Christ

There’s a few stages to creating a documentary. They are:

  1. Research and fund raise
  2. Develop a plan and shooting schedule
  3. Gather footage
  4. Write script
  5. Edit
  6. Distribute

Sometimes these phases overlap.

Currently we’re in the research and fundraising phase of the process. We’re also planning and developing a shooting schedule. We’ve created a budget.

This phase is very important! Without funds this movie will not be made.

This is Where You Come In

Friend, it’s no coincidence you’re here.

We need people like you – dedicated to getting the truth of Jesus’ Kingdom come – onto the world’s screens. People are desperate to know what’s really going on; they’re thirsty for someone to tell them the truth.

Will you help us get the word out?

There’s many ways you can participate:

Look at the world. People are lost. They need a great, simple, eye-opening movie to awaken them. Friend, the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Won’t you join us?

Here’s to an adventure,

Diane A. Watt

Yes! I will help.