7 Day Prayer Challenge


Connect to a Powerful God - Plant Based

Some Christians are more powerful than others.

They have a huge impact. They are able to profoundly influence those around them; often persuading them to also become Christians.

What makes them different from others? Two things: prayer and belief.

Pinterest On-the-Go Prayer PrintablesSo often, we neglect to pray. It’s understandable: we get busy, distracted, and sometimes believe God doesn’t hear. We feel guilty because we don’t pray the “right” way.

But listen – we can’t afford to feel guilty!

Too much is at stake. Our security, and the security of our loved ones, depends upon our prayers. Don’t believe me? Check out the Bible and see how often one simple prayer changed everything.

Listen, we can do this. We can be powerful Christians. We can hugely impact and persuade those around us. We just have to integrate prayer into our lives as they are now.

Plant Seven Day PrayerLet’s make this easy and doable. To kick off our new life of prayer, join us May 1 – 7, 2016 for the #7DAYPRAYER Challenge. To participate, enter your information below. You will receive:

Join us for the #7DAYPRAYER Challenge May 1 – 7, 2016.

Friend, it’s time connect to a POWERFUL God!