70 Nations to Discuss Israeli Agreement

I quit my job in 2015.

I had two weeks to bag it up and fly away. A huge task after working the same job eleven years.

Projects needed completion so I had to prioritize. The most critical loose ends were tied while others weren’t – and likely never would be.

The same is happening under President Obama’s tenure. He’s facing the finish line but jobs are pressing him, so he’s gotta pick.

Which was chosen? Israel.

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Urgent Sunday Meeting

70 nations descend on Paris Sunday, January 15 to discuss Israel’s future.

Get this: Israel – the nation most affected by the discussion – will not be present.

On the table is Israeli and Palestinian coexistence. Most know they’ve been at it for years because Palestine believes Israel stole the land. (They didn’t. Palestine claimed it only after Israel formed.)

Take note: governments typically don’t work Sundays. That this meeting takes place then signifies its importance.

Oh and get this: Pope Francis met with the Palestinian president the day prior. I wonder what they discussed? Israel perhaps? (Smile. That was sarcastic. It’s all we can do with the poor decisions of world leaders.)

Let’s exemplify this: picture a covert meeting between your neighbors to discuss whether you’re kicked outta the ‘hood. Add to it you’re not there.

That’s exactly what’s happening here. Injustice, anyone?

70 Is Symbolic

According to orthodox Jews 70 represents completion. The number of countries attending the meeting is not coincidental.

“There is no doubt this is a fulfillment of prophecies that in the end of days, all the nations will come out against Israel,” said a leading Jewish rabbi.

We Know What This Means

This conference comes on the heels of the UN resolution which forbids Israeli West Bank housing, so many speculate this could impose the “two-state solution” (which divides the land between Israel and Palestine.)

The solution would remove the Western Wall and Temple Mount from Jewish control.

And guess what? The UN meets again three days prior to the end of President Obama’s term. I’ll bet you $567 and a Starbucks they’ll discuss Israel.

Is This Prophetic?

You bet your hiney.

If I could stand on my desk and type I would. Your prophetic alarm should haunt you all night because this means something.

International pressure will force Israel to do one of two things (maybe both): go to war or seek a savior. Neither is good.

The reason their savior-seeking is bad is because he will be the Coming World Leader, Antichrist. When Antichrist is here, the end is near.

My Take

As defensive as I am for God’s beloved Israel, I know the future. Soon a world leader will broker an Israeli peace deal that heralds the last seven years of life as we know it (Daniel 9:27). It’s inevitable.

That, my Friends, is ultimately good.

And though the earth and its population will be battered, shaken, cut down, and tormented – the misery will end (2 Peter 3:3-7;10-13; Luke 21:11; Matthew 24; Revelation; etc.) And then begins the most glorious part: forever.

Jesus will descend. We will reign. All will be right. And every fear, injustice, and sadness you’ve ever known from beginning to end will be eternally gone. Finally.

Friends, it’s worth it.

Before I go let me add: if you aren’t a Christian become one now.  From a concerned fellow human, I beg you to consider your options. I’ve shed much – job, security, tenure, and more – to disseminate this burning truth: you must be saved (Acts 4:12.) Do not underestimate the cost of your indecision.

Let’s run this race looking up. Because Jesus comes on the clouds. Are you ready?

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