#7DayPrayer Challenge – Day 2

Heavenly Father,

We come to You for Divine physical strength for ourselves and for our loved ones, [insert loved ones’ names].

Monday - 7DP - PinterestWe ask that You would bless us physically. Heal any sicknesses, wounds, and weakness amongst us. Strengthen us for our daily tasks. Protect us from any circulating illness, and bolster our immune systems to fight any virus we encounter.

LORD, You are the maker of our bodies. May we treat ourselves as Your Temple because that is what we are. May You help us cherish and nurture our God-given bodies as You intended, enabling us to get the proper rest, exercise, and nutrition to facilitate a life of service to You, LORD God.

LORD, we are Your workmanship, created by You for good works. Strengthen us so we are able to complete the tasks You have given us. LORD, our physical health often determines how much we can accomplish in Your name. LORD, we ask that You remove any barrier that prevents us from bringing about the completion of Your purposes for us.

LORD, let us flee from defilement of our bodies. May we reject any substance, action or habit that tarnishes the work of Your hands and aides the enemy in preventing us from carrying out Your will.

LORD, give us strength, resilience, stamina, functionality, and health.

In Christ’s all-powerful name we pray,



What are you thoughts?

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