#7DayPrayer Challenge – Day 3

Dear Heavenly Father,

LORD, please bless our labor, and the labor of our loved ones.

Tuesday - 7DP - PinterestSo often, we feel as though we strive uselessly. Our efforts appear to go to waste and frustration sets it. Let it not be so, LORD. Let our labor not be done in vain. Let all the work of our hands be directed and blessed by You.  Make it copiously fruitful. Allow it, LORD, to be multiplied profusely and let others benefit from the result of our work. Guide us in the choices we make concerning our effort, and help us make wise decisions.

LORD, You are the Maker of our minds, hearts, hands, and feet. You enable us to work to produce a living for our families, satisfaction for our souls, and blessings for others. Without You, we would be unproductive, fruitless, and spinning our wheels.

LORD, in a dry desert, provide an overflow of rushing water. LORD, in an overwhelming flood of tasks, provide clarity and direction. LORD, bring peace to our workplace. Bring harmony amongst those with whom we labor. Let us be satisfied with what we choose to spend our time doing. Let us not toil uselessly.

LORD, only You can open the floodgates to output. May our yields be high by Your mighty hand.

In Christ’s all-powerful name we pray,


What are you thoughts?

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