#7DayPrayer Challenge – Day 5

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thursday - 7DP - PinterestLORD, please help us flourish socially, and please help our loved ones as well.

Whether or not we admit it, we need people. Life would be dry and joyless without them. One of Your first statements of created man was that it was not good for him to be alone.

But human relationships are so complex. Our world produces many opportunities for misunderstandings, disconnect, and negative emotions towards our fellow people. Yet, we all long to be understood and connected to those around us. Because of that, we are often confronted by the frustrating paradox: the need to reach out to our community while also wishing to withdraw from them.

LORD, help us choose the best choice.

LORD, You are altogether wise. You know when it is prudent to withdraw, and when it is not. You are the Ultimate Problem Solver. You can help us repair and sustain those relationships that bring us happiness and prosperity. Please do so. Often, Your insight is all we need to strengthen our ties to those whom we love.

Pinterest On-the-Go Prayer PrintablesLORD, of all Your creations, humans are Your most prized. Unfortunately, because You place such a high premium on humanity, so does the enemy. He will stop at nothing to get to You through us.

Let it not be so. Let our relationships be a vessel for Your love and not the enemy’s contempt.

LORD, thank You for bringing us people with which to do life. May You enable us to be blessings to one another.

In Christ’s all-powerful name we pray,


What are you thoughts?

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