#7DayPrayer Challenge – Day 6

Dear Heavenly Father,

Friday - 7DP - PinterestLORD, please elevate our spirituality, and please elevate those of our loved ones as well.

It is true: humans are comprised of bodies, minds, and souls.

So often our efforts are concentrated on strengthening our bodies and minds, but little to no emphasis is placed on growing our souls. However, our spirituality is a crucial part of our being.

Our bodies wear out daily. As we pass from this life into Heaven, we will be given replacement bodies. Our current bodily home will not last.

Our spirit, however, lasts forever. Help us remember that daily.

LORD, we so desire to feed our spirit through prayer, Bible consumption, and belief. However, those practices are often shoved to the wayside as we give attention to those things which are perishing. Help it not be so.

LORD, we ask for creative ideas on how to increase our spirituality towards You. Help us live this life physically as well as spiritually. Show us eternity often so it won’t be far from our thoughts.

Send daily, even hourly, reminders that we are spiritual. That we have a need for connection to You. That we do not live on bread alone, but from every Word uttered from Your mouth.

Pinterest On-the-Go Prayer PrintablesThank You, God, that we are not just empty shells who cease to exist after physical death. Thank You for our spirit. Thank You for our ability to connect to You.

As YouTube sensation Trey Smith put it: we are merely drops of water seeking the Ocean from which we came.

We love You, Almighty God.

In Christ’s all-powerful name we pray,


What are you thoughts?

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