#7DayPrayer Challenge – Kickoff!


Hello Friends!

Today marks Day 1 of our #7DayPrayer Challenge from May 1 – 7!

Listen, we are tired of letting our busy, hectic schedules interfere with our deepest need: to connect to God. Satan has done everything he can to trip us up by making us busy beyond our wildest imaginations.

The result? The unconnected, tired, crabby Christian who desperately needs to talk with God.

We cannot continue like this – so we’ve decided not to.

We’re committing to a new life of prayer. To kick-start it, we’ve implemented a #7DayPrayer Challenge during which we will pray about a specific topic each day. Here’s the schedule:

Day 1 (today – Sunday) – pray individually or corporately with your church

Day 2 (Monday): Body – pray for bodily blessings for you and your loved ones

Day 3 (Tuesday): Labor – pray for fruitful labor for you and your loved ones

Day 4 (Wednesday): Endurance – pray for lasting endurance for you and your loved ones

Day 5 (Thursday): Social – pray for the relationships of you and your loved ones

Day 6 (Friday): Spiritual – pray for spiritual health for you and your loved ones

Day 7 (Saturday): pray individually 

Pinterest On-the-Go Prayer PrintablesWe can do this, and we will start as a community!

  • Join the #7DayPrayer Challenge and get email and audio prayers delivered to your inbox. You can do so here.
  • Check into our blog daily as an audio and text version of the prayer is posted.
  • Download the Perfect Prayer Printable (see picture) as a way to guide your prayers

Thank you so much for participating, and we are honored that you have chosen to be a part of this endeavor!

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