80% of Christians Have Never Read the Entire Bible

Did you know we’ve been reading the Bible all wrong?

Did you know there’s a much easier way – a way that you’ll be able to FINALLY finish reading the entire Bible – and maybe even read it again?

Maybe you’re one of the 80% who have never read the whole Bible. Sure, you know some of it, but much of it is a mystery to you.

4 Secrets to Finish the Bible Once and For All

That’s okay.

After all, we’ve been doing it wrong! The way we’ve been trained to read the Bible isn’t working – and it’s because we don’t really know how.

The result? Unfinished Bible plans and lack of Biblical knowledge.

However, there is a way. If you know these secrets, you really can do it.

Think about it: you will finally read the entire Bible – from start to finish, once and for all!

Better yet, you’ll do it in 90 Days!

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