A Little-Known Prophecy: When Animals Attack

Animal Attacks

In the UK, two nine-month old twin girls are attacked by a fox that sneaks into their bedroom while they sleep.

In Bangalore, India, a leopard enters a school and attacks six people, sending them to the hospital.  It took ten hours to corner and catch the leopard, despite its being pumped with tranquilizer.

A young boy in New Jersey is attacked by a raccoon on his way to school.

And 2015 was the year of unprovoked shark attacks: the yearly total of 98 surpassed the previously-recorded high of 88 in the year 2000.

From African honey bees, to mountain lions, to alligators, to sharks, to domesticated pets – animal attacks have increased over the past three decades.

There are many theories on the cause.  Some speculate that, as human populations increase and impinge the environment, animals naturally react aggressively.  Others attribute it to risky human behavior, such as provocation, etc.

Still others believe that our changing environment is impacting the world’s animals – and not in a positive way.

As species die-offs continue to increase, the food chain is disrupted and many animals are desperate for food.  Scientists describe animal attacks as a result of “stress” and undernourishment.

Terry Root, an environmental science and policy professor at Stanford, said animals are “just reacting to what’s going on out there.”

What most people don’t know is the rise in animal aggression is prophetic.  Revelation 6:8 describes a time in the future – during the Seven Year Tribulation – when a quarter of the earth’s population will perish due to hunger, war, and “with the beasts of the earth.”

It’s only natural that as we get closer to this perilous time in history, animal attacks will increase.

It’s just more evidence where we’re at on the timeline of mankind.

Be sure to join us as we explore more astonishing evidence.  Until then, be blessed!

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