A Quiet Trend: Increased Volcanic Activity

There’s a lot of hype around Yellowstone. Understandably so.

But further south, there is another beast beating his chest. He’s getting very little attention – perhaps to our detriment.

In Mexico City, one of the world’s three super volcanoes is currently erupting – and has been since January.

Mt. Popocatepetl has been erupting since January

Mount Popocatepetl sits on the globe’s throne of super volcanoes, along with Mount Vesuvius and Yellowstone, and since the ball dropped in 2016, it’s been erupting in some form or another.

In fact, the volcano has been spewing lava and ash for 24 hours since yesterday.

Due to thick ash, authorities have warned Mexico City residents to cover their faces if they leave their residences.  Although no evacuation orders have been issued yet, pilots are on high alert concerning the volcano.

On January 18, a mass evacuation alert was issued near Popcatepetl due to an eruption. Additionally, four explosions and 39 ash expulsions were recorded between January 24th and 25th, prompting the airport to shut down.

2016 seems to be the year Mount Popocatepetl awakes.

Alaska’s Mount Pavlof has disrupted air traffic

However, there is another disturbing trend that isn’t getting much attention.  Not only is a Popocatepetl displaying its strength, other volcanoes are awakening, too.  For example:

These are just a few examples.

Is this prophetic?

It surely is.

The reason why is because Jesus said that the End Times would be marked with incredibly destructive earthquakes (Luke 21:11.)

Volcanic activity and earthquakes are often synonymous.  When you have one, you often have the other.

The activity surrounding Mount Popocatepetl deserves our attention.  We shouldn’t be caught off guard.

It’s incredible – Jesus said this would happen, and it is!  Unfortunately, conditions will get much worse; but praise God, there is an escape.  We don’t have to be here to experience the worst volcanic eruption.

I don’t know about you, but I’m keeping my eye on Mexico City while watching the sky for Jesus.  It could literally be any day now.

Until then, be blessed!

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