About Diane

Hi! I’m Diane Watt.

From the moment God saved me in a Texas Baptist church in 2005, He immediately thrust me into the scary, exciting, hopeful world of Bible prophecy.

Since then I’ve had several mentors (they didn’t know it. LOL) like Chuck Missler, Jack Kelley, and Steve Hadley of Harvest Reno.

There’s just something about prophecy. I can’t get enough.

In 2015 I left a government career and started His Truth Revealed Ministries, later named Scripture Seeds.

My burning, delightful, roller-coaster burden is to tell everyone – however God wills – how close we are to End Times.

I’ve written books (available on the menu,) blog articles, and am working on a movie called The Coming Christ.

This is harsh but we need to wake up. Christ is coming. Join the movement.

What are you thoughts?