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Who are we?

What’s our story?

Long story short, we are a ministry that stands for truth.

There is a growing revolution against the deception prevalent in our day. The reality is people are tired of being lied to. And lied to we are: the media, government, schools, everything. Where is truth?

These days, it’s more precious than jewels.

There is a growing revolution against our day’s deception. People are tired of being lied to.


Put simply, the Truth will set you free.

Our current systems leave us with many questions: what is real? Who is honest?

Although we may never know answers to some questions, we know the only Leader worthy of our trust: Jesus Christ.


Years ago, I walked away from a government career due to widely-accepted – even embraced – deception. I was heartsick: lies were passed off as truth; authenticity was shunned.

I vowed then to always seek and embrace truth, no matter how difficult to swallow.

We established our ministry (formerly His Truth Revealed) shortly thereafter and have reached people in over 66 countries. Our goal is to present facts- Christ is real, the world is changing, and He is coming…maybe soon.

We seek to fulfill Proverbs 22:21: “Teaching you to be honest and to speak the truth, so that you bring back truthful reports to those you serve.”

We seek to deliver our message via many mediums: film, articles, and even books.

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We hope you are blessed by our work!

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