Are You Lukewarm?


Sometimes, I’m not very spiritual.

I get sidetracked.  Caught up in chasing success and accomplishment, I forget about God.  I trust in myself and pat my own back.

I get lackadaisical towards Jesus.  Who needs Him?  After all, I’m the one doing the work.

Are you the same?

Welcome to Laodicea, my Friend.

Jesus described two prominent churches in existence during the End Times.  One of them was Laodicea.

Laodicea was situated in the comfortable, prosperous Lycus valley (in modern-day Turkey) and many of its residents were wealthy.  The city contained an excellent school of medicine and produced an eye salve used to treat several visual ailments.

Yet Christ called this church “wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked.” (Revelation 3:17b)

You see, the Laodicean church was kind of blah towards spiritual things.  After all, they didn’t really need Jesus.  They didn’t hate Him, but they didn’t love Him very much either.

They were neither hot nor cold.  Lukewarm.

There was another church in existence during the End Times: Philadelphia.

The church of Philadelphia, also located in modern-day Turkey, was described as having “little strength,” yet remaining faithful with patient endurance.  Jesus set before them an open door that no one can shut. (Revelation 3:8b)

Of the seven churches described in the Book of Revelation, the church of Philadelphia was the only one that received no criticism.

They were tired, but truly representative of Jesus.

As a result of this endurance, Jesus said of Philadelphia, “I will also keep you from the hour of trial that is going to come on the whole world to test the inhabitants of the earth.”  (Revelation 3:10b)

He gave no such promise to the Laodiceans.

Beloved Friend, as we draw nearer the curtain call of this age, let’s be Philadelphian.

Let’s join hands in Brotherly (and Sisterly!) love and faithfully and patiently keep our eyes on Jesus, the only Reason to do anything worthwhile.  We’re almost there.

And as the cast is called together to join in the encore, let us be counted amongst the loyal, long-suffering, and safe Philadelphia.

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