Asteroids Are Getting Pretty Close!


An asteroid is going to pass really, really close the earth in the coming days.

So close, in fact, NASA has deemed it an “ultra-close near miss.”

It won’t hit the earth, though, so no need to worry.

The asteroid, called 2013 TX68, is projected to whiz by 9 million miles from us March 5.

And although NASA says not to panic this time, the next go-round with this asteroid – projected for September 17, 2017 – may not be so lucky.  There is a one in 250 million chance it could strike us.

An impact from an asteroid this size would be equivalent to sixty Hiroshima bombs detonating.

Do asteroid strikes pose a threat to our globe?

Apparently so.  The European Commission recently asked a group of Russian scientists to research how atomic bombs can be used to protect earth from asteroid strikes.

Is that really necessary?

I’m not sure, but MIT scientists have recently stated that, in the last decade, our solar system has moved from “static” to “dynamic.”  According to them, rogue asteroids are more common than not.

The reason behind the increasingly cluttered solar system may be Jupiter.  The theory is that Jupiter drifted close to the sun and its gravitational pull carried asteroids with it.  This knocked them around, and scattered some.

“It’s like Jupiter bowled a strike through the asteroid belt,” said Francesca DeMeo, an MIT scientist.  “Everything that was there moves, so you have this melting pot of material coming from all over the solar system.”

Unknown to many, this ties to Bible prophecy.

The Book of Revelation – which describes the last seven years on earth as we know it – says the planet will be struck by at least two asteroids.

  • The first one will be the size of a mountain and will impact the sea. It will decommission a third of the ocean, and one third of all sea life and ships will be destroyed. (Revelation 8:8-9)

My Dear Friend, you do not want to be here during those two events, and you can know how to escape these things.

Be sure to tune in as we investigate more upcoming events.  Until then, be blessed!

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