Bible Prophecy: Is A Change Here?

Here I sit to write a prophecy update, and I don’t know where to start. There’s so much.

I took a break from prophecy after writing my first book, which was about prophecy. Between family illness, personal depression, and other obligations, it all became too much. I withdrew from ministry completely. But that’s another story for another day.

In the midst of my withdrawal, I had a conversation with my mom. Basically, she told me I needed to wake up and step up. She gave me a few headlines as of late, which prompted me to delve into the dark world of the news. What I saw stunned me.

Bible prophecy is a complex emotional mixture for sensitive Christians. It is exciting, hopeful, horrifying, scary, and hopeless – all at the same time. It is an indication of our true destination, but the path is riddled with horrifying scenes of death, suffering, and terror. We want the prize, but the cost is almost unbearable. Our hearts bleed the death of a thousand wounds as we helplessly watch the world of evil unfold before our eyes. Satan is readying his army, and Christians are seemingly pitifully outmatched.

And in the midst of the chaos, we cry out to an unbelieving world, “Get ready! Christ is coming! Enter His protection while you still can!”

And no one hears us.

Or, if they do, they dismiss us. Mock us. Criticize, ridicule, and degrade our message to pure religious nonsense.

Not only do we face pressure from the physical world, but the spiritual world learns of us as well. Oh yes, we are reluctantly – if not naively – pinned on the dart board and used for the target practice of Satan and his fellow comrades. We’re torn to shreds, stalked, and just plain harassed by the evil one and his minions. Oh, that it would just be us, but it’s not. It’s our families as well.

Our hearts are shattered, but in the spirit of perseverance we pick up the pieces. Because we care; because we ultimately love the people who hate us and want them to be saved in the worst way.

That being said – what are the latest prophetic events?

Global Increase in Violence

There has been a massive increase in global violence much beyond what is shown on the news. Disturbingly, this appears to be a result of increased demonic activity, as you’ll see later.

We’re all aware of the increase in mass shootings. Whether the events are legitimate or part of false flag attacks (an attack blamed on a person or group that was not responsible; often used to promote propaganda for a hidden agenda, such as gun control) the reality is, they are happening. Unarmed, random civilians are targeted. What could be more terrifying?

Also, a new synthetic drug called flakka – a.k.a. the “insanity drug” is wreaking havoc. This drug is more powerful than cocaine and heroin. People under its influence often writhe, scream, and have superhuman strength. It looks much like the demonic possession described in the Gospel accounts.

Why is this relevant to end times? Revelation 18:23 says the following:

The light of a lamp

Will never shine on you again.

The voice of bridegroom

and bride

will never be heard in you again.

Your merchants were the

world’s important people.

By your magic spell all

The nations were led astray.


Take note of the italicized portion. The phrase “magic spell” is derived by the Greek word “pharmakeia,” which means drug-related sorcery.  In the context, it implies that the powers of the earth conspire together to use drug-related sorcery – which has its roots in the supernatural world – to control the activity of the world.

Unfortunately, violence is increasing against the most vulnerable in society – our children. Just recently, a man in India violently stabbed fourteen members of family, including seven children. A man in China committed suicide after stabbing ten children while they waited to enter school. Also, a woman in Russia recently taunted authorities by walking around with child’s severed head, saying she would blow herself up. Perhaps most troubling is the Chinese man who decapitated a three year old at random while she rode her bicycle five feet from her mother.

Violence crimes have increased exponentially in El Salvador. One person dies of violence every hour. Morgues are unable to contain the amount of dead. Autopsies are delayed.

What the heck, y’all?


Britain’s planned exit from the European Union (hence the term “Brexit”) may play a key role geopolitically, economically, historically, and prophetically.

I don’t understand finances very well, so I won’t go into any deep explanation of the economical impact of the Brexit other than to say it will likely have far-reaching effects to be felt for months or years. Geopolitically and prophetically, however, the Brexit could be huge.

Here’s why: Daniel 2:41-43, 7:19-24, and Revelation 13:1 speak of an end-times government that will emerge and have borders similar to the former Roman region (a.k.a. Europe). The government, called the Revived Roman Empire, will be comprised of ten nations and will essentially be the foundation from which the Coming World Leader – or Antichrist – will lead.

Many European nations have hinted they will follow Britain’s lead to exit the EU, thus creating a “new Europe.” Could the remaining EU nations comprise the Revived Roman Empire? Or, could the ones that have separated comprise this future government? Time will tell.

It’s also interesting to note that Revelation 13:1 refers to a beast with “ten horns and seven heads.” This indicates there may be seven nations, but one of those nations will be sub-divided to create ten total. Strangely enough, there are seven nations, to include Britain, rumored to desire separation from the current EU.

Encouragingly, God says that “in the times of [the Revived Roman Empire], the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed, nor will it be left to another people. It will crush all those kingdoms and bring them to an end, but it will itself endure forever.” (Daniel 2:44)

This Coming Kingdom speaks of us, Christians. Ours will never be destroyed.


So, what’s one to do with all this information?

After the despair, the horror; after crying your eyes out in the closet, you must emerge, Christian. You must stand tall because the world needs to know what you know.

We can garner what little strength we have and stand tall because our. Redemption. Draweth. Nigh.

I’m not done, by the way. There’s still much to report. An impending Cascadia earthquake. Yellowstone. Cosmic rarities never seen before. Historical global weather events. God is trying with all His might to get our attention.

If you’ve made it this far, I ask that you pray for me. If you have any strength and prayers to spare, Friend, I sure could use them. I want to continue to report this stuff but I desperately need help. These things cut to my heart and it’s hard to stay positive.

Until next time and with the wonderful words of the late, great Jack Kelley, you can almost hear the Footsteps of the Messiah.


2 thoughts on “Bible Prophecy: Is A Change Here?

  1. Hi Diane,

    Just finished your e-book (via Kindle Unlimited FYI) and appreciate your hard work in completing that task and getting the book online.

    Thank you.

    And (another FYI) I found your blog via the Amazon Author page — after reading this post, I will (of course) pray for you; consider yourself on my prayer list henceforth!

    I have a question for you.

    I’m studying the Book of Revelation now, and I’m wondering about the Temple being rebuilt. I know that there is a movement in Israel to rebuild it that is active today, and that some (including Hal Lindsey) believe that it can be built alongside the Dome of the Rock. Which means they could begin the project any day now.

    Do you have any thoughts on the rebuilding of the Temple?

    Because as you list in this post, we are seeing a huge amount of activity right now that suggests the Rapture is sooner rather than later. But if the Temple must stand completed before that happens, don’t we have a ways to go?

    Just not sure on the Temple Rebuild vs. Rapture timing, I guess.

    Hang in there, Diane — it can get overwhelming, but I hope that you find some encouragement in knowing that God is using you and that’s a great thing!

    Your book is being read and shared, for instance. By me 😉 and I’m sure many, many others!

    God bless you today and everyday! Rest assured, all is well!

    1. Reba,
      Thank you so much for your encouraging comment! Sorry it took me so long to reply. I’m in the heat of summer, and being a mom, that equals kid activities!
      Regarding the Temple – it doesn’t need to be built prior to the Rapture. The Bible simply says that it exists in mid-Tribulation, which is 3.5 years after the beginning of the Tribulation. When you factor in the speed of modern-day construction, it is absolutely feasible that a Temple could be built in a very short time. Additionally, the plan is to first build a “tent” Temple (much like the Tabernacle) and then construct a more permanent structure.

      Religious Jews are ready to build this Temple. It’s breathtaking. Check out

      Thank you so much for writing! And thank you for your prayers. I could use them. I love Jesus, the Bible, and prophecy, but it’s all so overwhelming sometimes. I love my Brothers and Sisters who give me so much encouragement. Beginning at the end of next month, (August 2016,) I am starting full-time in the ministry again and plan to (God willing) continue reporting, so be sure to check back. Maybe God will even allow me to write another book!

      Love your comment, bless you my Friend,

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