Chilling Tales of the Afterlife: Part III


Mrs. Jang – a believer in Christ for only eight days – knew nothing of the Book of Revelation.

She was never taught about the future Heaven; of the pearlescent gates, streets of gold, or angels.

However, she knew more than most of us about the Heavenly City for one reason: she visited and lived to tell about it.

Mrs. Jang was an uneducated Christian convert from a remote, rural Chinese province. She became a believer in 1904 when a missionary visited a nearby village. Shortly after her conversion, she was stricken by tuberculosis and died shortly thereafter.

She did not, however, remain dead.

Mrs. Jang was from the remote Shantung Province in China
Mrs. Jang was from the remote Shantung Province in China

About four hours after her body was prepared for burial and placed in a chamber, her family heard stirring. Checking the source of the sound, they found her: alive, alert, and bursting with a magnificent, truly miraculous story.

Here is her account:

“I remember seeing all the family around me crying. Then the Lord Jesus came into my room and took me by the hand and said, ‘Come with me!’ In a short time we were before a gate of pearl. It was the gate of Heaven.

Angels opened it and we went in. I saw many beautiful houses all of pretty colors. I walked beside the Lord on golden streets.

Then we went on and I saw thousands of angels in a circle, singing and playing lovely music. In the midst was the throne of glory. The Heavenly Father sat upon it, and when I saw Him I was afraid.

I hardly dared to lift my eyes.

“You have come,” He said.

“Yes, Lord.”

“You may go back for a while, but you must return to me on the twelfth of the month.”

Then her soul was sent back to earth.

Pearly gates? Streets of Gold? Many houses? Throne of Glory?

How did she – an untrained, new Christian with no access to the Bible or other information sources – know about this stuff?

Perhaps because her story was true.

People flocked from nearby villages to hear her it. She relayed to thousands what occurred, and many were saved as a result of Mrs. Jang’s testimony.

However, true to her story, Mrs. Jang knew the day of her permanent death was approaching.

On the twelfth of the following month, Mrs. Jang dressed in burial clothing, laid down, and quietly died – just as God said.

Be sure to stay tuned to hear more fascinating stories of brushes with the afterlife!

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