Christians, Go Away

About ten years ago my first-grade daughter mentioned God during a classroom discussion. The teacher’s response? “Don’t say that.”

It was an innocent mistake on my daughter’s part; after all, she was too naive to know the subject’s taboo. Neither was she attempting to convert a classmate; she was simply speaking of something that was real to her.

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The teacher’s response was extreme. It did, however, reveal changing tides. Evidently religious language – especially that of Christianity – was off limits.

Additionally, a teen was recently reprimanded for saying “God bless you” in response to a peer’s sneeze.

This is “a commonly communicated rule in Grayson County schools,” said the teen. “All students [seem] to be well aware this was a phrase that was not welcomed or authorized.” The superintendent’s response was there was no such policy against saying “God bless you.”

There may be no official policy. However, when a student says God or Jesus, they’re silenced. Jesus has become a bad word. (Don’t believe me? Watch peoples’ body language when they say His name outside a Christian setting. Most – even the faithful – are afraid.)

Christianity is rapidly becoming the world’s most hated religion. Had my daughter’s language indicated any faith besides it, she likely would not have been silenced and perhaps respected. Why?


Case in point? In South Carolina students were recently instructed about the Five Pillars of Islam and given several passages from the Koran. One passage read: “Allah: there is no god but Him, the Living, the Eternal One. Neither sleep nor slumber overtakes Him.”

Imagine the uproar had students been given a Christian passage of similar caliber: “Jesus: there is no God but Him, the Living, the Eternal One. Neither sleep nor slumber overtakes Him.”


South Carolinian school authorities defended the decision stating the next topic of study will be of Rome “to include Christianity.” Why must Christianity be included with a study of Rome as though it’s an afterthought? Surely Islam wasn’t “included” in a study of a particular region. More importantly, will Bible passages with equally bold passages about Jesus such as the above-mentioned be taught? Doubtful.

Christian language is, for some reason, becoming prohibited. No longer are Jesus-followers allowed to speak freely of their faith. Other religions, however, are defended.

The message to Christians is clear: go away. Be silent.

My Brothers and Sisters, may it not be so. May our resolve to spread the Gospel increase in the face of opposition. The enemy’s plan thrives when truth is silenced. Friend, my prayer is we are roadblocks to Satan’s scheme. May those seeking truth hear it from us.

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