Countdown to Resurrection: So Busy Chasing Comfort, We Don’t See God

Potter and Clay

My living room is adorned with a La-Z-Boy perched in front of a big screen TV.

If I had my way, I’d spend the rest of my life reclining in it, coffee in one hand, remote in the other, watching Netflix.

After all, it’s comfortable.  Safe.  I don’t have to do anything.

We all want to find that sweet spot in life – you know, the place where you just keep repeating every day, and nothing ever threatens you.

However, relaxers beware: God is in the business of doing business apart from your Netflix trance.

This is illustrated in John 11:45-56 when, on this day 2,000 years ago – 25 days from Christ’s Resurrection – the ruling Jewish leadership reacted to Jesus’ raising Lazarus from the dead.

Not in a good way, either.

You see, after Jesus pronounced a dead man alive again, people were awed.  Who could this Jesus be?

They ran home to mommy and daddy – A.K.A. the Jewish priests and Pharisees – and told them everything that happened.

You would think after such a miracle, the priests would want to find out who this Guy was.  Look Him up.  See for themselves.

But what did they do instead?

They worried.  They projected.  And finally, they schemed.  All while never leaving their La-Z-Boys.

You see, the Jewish priests were subject to heavy-handed Romans, and the priests feared that if the Romans found out about Jesus and His growing popularity, they would take away everything the Jews loved: their nation, their Temple, and their rituals.

They were afraid that Jesus’ presence would cause the confiscation of their La-Z-Boys.

So they plotted to kill Him.

When confronted with Truth – that there was a Man who claimed to be God, and He reportedly made a dead man come back to life – the Jewish leadership chose not to investigate and possibly be changed

…but instead schemed how they could eliminate Him so they could keep their comfortable, boring lives.

Can we fall into the same trap?

Or will we choose to be different?

Will we – when confronted with the Truth – allow ourselves to be transformed by it, or –

Will we strive to eliminate it to live in sedation?

It’s up to you.  But know this:

You were meant to be changed.  You were meant to be radically altered.

If you accept this challenge not to shy from Truth, you will step off your La-Z-Boy, and you will never, ever be the same.

And you will learn that you, my Friend, are the clay, and your Father is, was, and will always be the Potter.

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