Countdown to Resurrection: When You’re Noticed by the Most Popular

Jesus Blesses Children

Do you ever feel invisible?  Unnoticed?  Swept aside by society?

If so, today’s story will encourage you.

As we continue in the Countdown to Resurrection study, today we encounter the scene between Jesus and His disciples and little children (Matthew 19:13-15; Mark 10:13-16; Luke 18:15-17).

Picture the setting: Jesus is teaching about big things.  Adult things.  After His teachings, however, several parents approach Him with their children.  Can you place Your hands on my child?  They ask.

What a strange request.  Instead of simply asking Him to pray for their children, these parents have taken it a step further and asked Him to touch them.  All of them.

Maybe I’m too accustomed to the hands-off approach, and that’s why this scene endears me so much.  But there’s something about a hand placed on you that elevates a ministry from a cold, distant, “I’ll pray for you,” to a genuine “I feel your pain and I’ll do everything I can to make it better.”

Christ’s ministry to the children was the latter.  He placed His hands on them and blessed them.

Immediately, the disciples tried to pull Christ away from them.  “Get away from here,” they sneered.  “Jesus is too big, and far too important, to deal with your littleness.”

Jesus, in His bigness and power, could have submitted to the disciples’ way of thinking, waved goodbye to the kiddos, and went on His way.  And He would have been justified.  After all, He had the weight of the world’s ministry on His shoulders.  He simply didn’t have time.

But He did the opposite.

Chastising the disciples, He brought the children closer and used them as an example.  “Unless you’re like these children, you disciples will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Instead of dismissing the invisible, He elevated them.  Instead of waving them off, He lifted them up. He cherished the so-called nuisances and made them the standard for entrance into the very Kingdom of God.

And that’s just what Jesus does.

Time and time again, we witness that He sees the underdogs of society.  Women with shady pasts (did you know the first person Jesus revealed Himself to after His Resurrection was a former prostitute?)  Greedy outcasts (of all the people Jesus chose to dine with, He picked a short, slimy tax agent.)

What about you?

Are you an underdog?

Do you often feel invisible, cast away from society, brushed aside, dismissed?

Rest assured, Jesus sees you.  The value He places on you is no different than the value He placed on these children.  And those who fail to see that are the ones He will rebuke.

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