Countdown to Resurrection: You’re Not Dead Yet

Lazarus Tomb

It was Benjamin Franklin that said, “Most people die at 25, but are buried at 75.”

How strange.

But is it true?  Do most of us really spend 50 years as the living dead?

And more importantly, how do we avoid that kind of existence?

There are many definitions of life, but in my experience, we live fully when we (1) find the reason for our existence and, (2) live out that reason.

After all, it was Mark Twain who said, “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

Today is March 1st.  There are 26 days before Jesus’ death and Resurrection.

Approximately 2,000 years ago today, Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead.

Maybe you know the story:   Jesus’ three friends – siblings Mary, Martha, and Lazarus – lived in Bethany, about two hours outside of Jerusalem.

One day, Lazarus fell ill.  His sister sent for Jesus because she knew He could fix him.

Lazarus died.  Days later, Jesus appeared.

As Jesus approached the tomb, He smelled death.  After all, Lazarus had been gone a while.

The grave stone was removed, and with one command…

“Lazarus, COME OUT!”

…Jesus’ powerful words pulled the formerly dead from the depths and back to life.

Wrapped in burial clothes, Lazarus emerged.

Maybe you’re a Lazarus.  Maybe you’re in the midst of your 50 years as the walking dead.  Maybe it’s time for Jesus to call you out of the grave today.

Maybe you’ve been doing the same thing so lifelessly and so long that living again feels…impossible.  Unreachable.

Is this what you’re alive for?  Is this it?

Maybe that’s the question of your heart.  Perhaps you’ve been asking it so long that the question has grown stale.  Perhaps, even…you’ve stopped asking.

If so, it’s time for Jesus to come get you.  Your grave isn’t ready yet.

I’ve often wondered what Lazarus’ life was like after he went to death and back again.  As he went about his days with his sisters, friends, and community, how did he live differently?  He had crossed the abyss and lived to tell the tale.  Did his perspective change?

I don’t know, but one thing’s for sure: he was never the same again.

And neither should you be.

My Friend, who is called to live, whom the enemy targets to kill, steal, and destroy…

…won’t you come back to life?

After all, your King beckons.
Son, COME OUT!!!

Daughter, COME OUT!!!

Your real life awaits on the other side of the gravestone.  Never settle for less.  Get up, get out, and, for the sake of this world and all who need your story…live.

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…to Jerusalem

…to the Holy Temple

…to Bethany

…to the Upper Room

…to the Cross, and ultimately

…to the Resurrection.

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