Countdown Zero Hour

What’s happening with our world?

Are you worried about the future?

Why is our weather so erratic and destructive?  What’s happening behind the scenes with world governments?

Are you ready for what’s coming?  Do you know what’s coming?

If so, we have a solution.

In Countdown: Zero Hour we will show you five global – often unreported – events that position the world for Biblical End Times.

Then, we will explain the appropriate response.

Countdown Zero Hour PinterestCountdown: Zero Hour has been designed to answer questions in a simple, understandable way.  It paraphrases Bible prophecies, explains why they are important and relevant to YOUR life, and gives up-to-date current events that have fulfilled the prophecies.

Countdown: Zero Hour explains why some world events – which haven’t been reported in the main stream media – are extremely significant in terms of End Times.

As a passionate Bible prophecy watcher, devoted Bible student, and current-events junkie, I can explain in simple terms what events to watch, and why they are significant to the state of mankind…

…and ultimately to you and your family.

As an avid Bible learner, I will also explain how we should respond when facing potential End Times.

Those who sense an impending change, but aren’t sure where to look, have already found answers
in this concise, easy-to-read guide.

Testimonies and Promises

Quote2For example, Sierra, a news-watcher and thinker, recently said, “I never understood how ongoing news stories linked to the Bible and foretold End of Days.  I wasn’t even aware most these [world events] were happening.  This book made it so much easier.”

We promise that if you read Countdown: Zero Hour, you will know what is really happening with your world.  You will understand the true destination of humanity – and not what the popular media wants you to believe.

You will know which news stories have an impact on you, your family, and ultimately the future of our planet.

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You will fully, completely understand how to appropriately respond to the fulfillment of Bible prophecies – which are happening with little to no news coverage.

Don’t wait until Bible predictions come true before you educate yourself.

Don’t miss out and be taken off guard by sudden and cataclysmic changes.

Learn now what to expect, and how to prepare.  Be the person who shows others how world events will impact them personally.

The prophecies and news events you’re about to read aren’t broadcast on mainstream media –perhaps for a reason.  You’ll only learn this valuable information if you seek it diligently.

All you need to do is read this succinct book and you’ll be informed about the true destiny of our world – and how to prepare for it.

I promise – you will not be unchanged.

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