Days of Noah?

Days of Noah

I’ve always been curious about what the days of Noah were like.

Jesus Himself said the end days would be similar to Noah’s time, so I often use it as a gauge to how close we are to end times.

So, what were the days of Noah like?

  • Resource Wars – the global population in Noah’s day was likely between five and seventeen billion (today’s population is around seven billion.)

Because of the crowd, the earth may not have been able to provide the resources necessary to support the population.  This may have resulted in battles over food, water, and other stuff.

  • People had much more time to plot violence and form evil alliances. Life spans were much longer in the days of Noah.

The average life span was 912 years, which means (1) people had a lot of time to perfect violence, and (2) they could do it together, since people stuck around for longer.

Is Today Like the Days of Noah?

  • Violence is increasing. In Noah’s day, people were described as continually evil, all the time (except Noah.)

According to authorities, the world is getting more violent.  Violence increased 30% between 2013 and 2014, and this is apparently an ongoing trend.  Worldwide violence has increased since 2007.

This is surprising because, up until 2007, data suggested the world was becoming more peaceful.

  • Prophecy is largely unknown. In the days of Noah, people were going about their business up until the day the rain started and the Flood began.  They were largely oblivious to what was about to happen.

Because of that, only eight out of potentially seventeen billion people were saved from the worldwide flood.

 Today, Bible prophecy is largely unknown.  Because of this, many are oblivious to what is happening (I don’t believe they’re entirely to blame, if at all.  Prophecy isn’t taught, for whatever reason.)

However, one-third of the Bible is prophecy.  It needs to be taught!

Here’s why: prophecy validates the Bible.

So much so, in fact, that many scholars believed the Book of Daniel, a hugely prophetic book, had to have been written much later than it actually was because it was so on-point with its predictions of world governments.


Listen, I absolutely love discussing the pre-Flood world.  One day, I’ll write a post about what the world was really like, to include tarantulas the size of a dog!

However, that’s the fun side.  What we discussed today was the less-fun, albeit informative, side of the pre-Flood world.

Stay tuned for more prophetic updates.  You won’t want to miss them!

As always, be blessed.

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