Devastating Tsunamis: the New Norm?


In 2004, a hugely powerful earthquake struck off the coast of Indonesia.

For ten minutes, the entire planet shook with the force of over 1,500 Hiroshima bombs.  The quake triggered additional ones as far away as Alaska.  The North Pole was displaced 2.5 centimeters.

The seismic movement altered the shape of the earth– making it more oblong – thus increasing its rotation and shortening our day by 2.68 microseconds.

A quarter of a million people were killed in what would become one of the deadliest natural disasters in recorded history.

It wasn’t the quake that killed the most – it was the resulting 100ft waves that swallowed buildings, towns, people, and everything else.

Fast forward seven years.  An explosive earthquake off the coast of Japan shifted the earth’s axis 10 inches, increased the planetary rotation, and shortened our day by 1.8 microseconds.

As a result of the redistributed land mass, Japan now sits almost eight feet closer to North America.

But it wasn’t the earthquake that was the most devastating – it was the resulting 20ft waves that killed and destroyed.

What’s with all these tsunamis?

Are they increasing in frequency?

Not really. Between 1963 and 1969 there were 12 tsunamis per year.  Fast forward 43 years, and that number has increased by only two.

So no, we are not really experiencing more tsunamis.

However, recent tsunamis are far deadlier than they used to be.

Case in point: the Boxing Day Tsunami and 2011 Tohoku tsunami (described above) killed more people (246,356 total lives lost) than tsunamis from all previous years combined.

They aren’t happening more frequently, but the ones that do occur are way more destructive.

How is this relevant to Bible prophecy?

Jesus said that in the end times, nations would be incredibly distraught and perplexed by the devastating oceanic disasters (Luke 21:25).

Unfortunately, as we get closer to the edge of Mankind’s calendar, these types of events may occur more frequently.

But we don’t have to fret!  We can be at peace and full of joy even if these scary things are happening.

Sound paradoxical?  It is.  But it’s true.

Peace in the midst of chaos is available through Jesus Christ – and being saved is so, so simple.

It’s the best decision you’ll ever make.

Be sure to join us as we explore other amazing topics.

Until then, be blessed my Friends!

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