Does God Establish Every Ruler?

Presidents Day

Does God establish every president?

Is every leader decreed by Him?

Does His proclamation ordain every ruler, dictator, monarch, and royal cabinet that has ever existed?  Are they brought into power only by His hand?

In the spirit of Presidents’ Day, and in light of our upcoming elections, I sought to find the answer.

Romans 13:1 makes this pretty clear: yes, every government authority only has power because God allows it.

John 19:11 affirms this.  The passage describes an exchange between Jesus and Pontius Pilate, the Roman regional ruler.

Pilate essentially says, “Speak up and save yourself from execution, Jesus.  I have the authority to save You – or not.”

Jesus replies, “You only have this authority because God allowed it.”

Both these verses show that every single government authority – to include ones you like, and ones you do not – is established by God.

Those who disagree often use Hosea 8:4 as supportive Scripture.  This passage describes a time when Israel established kings and princes without consulting or relying upon God.  The result was a government in which God was not involved.

This verse indicates that when God’s direction is neglected while searching for a leader, He may allow us to select rulers He didn’t choose.

However, this verse also indicates that when we do seek His direction, He will establish the ruler according to His will.

Even if we don’t like the chosen ruler.

Even if we think it’s the wrong decision for our nation.

Back in the 2008 and 2012 elections, throngs of Christians prayed for God to institute His chosen leader for America.  Both times, the current administration won.

Christians sought God’s hand, and it was given.

Many were unhappy with the outcome.

But our political leadership is so much bigger than we are.  When God institutes a leader despite our prayers to the contrary and who doesn’t meet our qualifications, then His plan is evidently larger than our limited view.

The same is true with this election.  We pray.  We ask God to establish His chosen leader.

And whatever the outcome, His will is done.

We don’t have to fret, especially if we’re the Church.  In the words of the late Jack Kelley, Christians are simply monarchists awaiting our King.

And who knows?  We may not have to wait long.

Have a wonderful Presidents’ Day, and be sure to join us for more prophetic updates in the days following.

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