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It was an Archbishop of Canterbury who recently said, “My successor needs a newspaper in one hand, and a Bible in the other.”

He was right. Especially these days.

There’s so much shaking going on (literally) I hardly know what to think or where to go. Sometimes I go to the bathroom mirror and pinch myself. Are we really living in the last days?

I barely have enough blog space to write about all the updates, so this may span a few posts. However, here goes:

Like I said, Lotsa Shaking Going On…and Other Things

Over the past thirty days, there has been an increase of earthquakes, especially around the Ring of Fire. Just in the last twenty-four hours, Chile has experience twelve major earthquakes ranging in scale from 4.4 to 6.9.

That’s not all. Yemen, of all places, got hit by tropical storm – the second this week.

Also, NASA says we’re in the middle of a pole shift. When it’s complete (a pole switch is not sudden), the earth will lose its magnetic field (which protects us from the sun’s harmful UV rays) for about 200 years.

Volcanoes are erupting increasingly. More on that later.

And don’t get me started about the sun. Here’s what’s going on with it:

We all know the catastrophic consequences of a dying, or dead, sun.

Why is this important? Jesus said in the last days there will be increasingly crazy weather (Matthew 24:1-51). It’s here.

Tracking Mankind By 2030

Many people don’t like to hear this because it’s scary, but there is a goal in place by the United Nations to identify every person. Globally.

As part of the UN’s Global Goals launched in September of this year, Goal 16.9 is to provide legal identity for all, including birth registration by 2030. The UN has partnered with Accenture, a biometrics company, to achieve this for refugees. We can assume they’ll maintain their partnership for the global goal. (Biometrics are the use of your body parts – fingers, eyes, face – for identification.)

In addition, this effort, led by the UN, is a “cross-practice initiative” with the World Bank. This means the identification process will be linked to a worldwide financial system.

Why is this important? During the Tribulation – the last seven years on earth – all people will be forced to take a “mark” of some sort on their hand or head. This will be the only way you can buy or sell anything. (Revelation 13:17)  Everything above indicates this is in the works.

Most of this stuff isn’t reported in the main stream media. But that doesn’t make it any less true.

Listen, if you’re a Christian, this is great news. We may be going home soon. And even if soon is a hundred years from now, these events are simply confirmation our Bible is real.

If you’re not a Christian, what stops you? If you choose to ignore the Lord’s calling, you will be here during the seven-year Tribulation. Christians will have been raptured – or, taken to Heaven – prior to this. You do not want to be here during that time.

Today, my friend, is the day to be saved. If you need prayer or have questions, comment below or visit here.

What are you thoughts?

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