FREE Book – For a Limited Time!

Launch Day CelebrationY’all!  Today is Resurrection Sunday!!

If I could jump and kick my heels together, I would.  I’m so excited I can hardly stand it.

Today is the BEST day of the year.  Period.  I get Christmas.  I love its celebration.  But Resurrection Sunday?  Lordhavemercy.  Nothing compares.

I was saved eleven years ago on Resurrection Sunday. In fact, the day fell on the 27th of March – much like this year.  2005.  I’ll never forget it.  Ever.

And I’m so, so, so SO pleased to announce our new book release today – Countdown Zero Hour.

In it, we discuss five global events – which aren’t covered by the main stream media – that point to Biblical End Times.

Y’all!  It’s available here FREE for a limited time only!

Hurry and get your copy before the price increases!!

I’m so humbled to be here.  I can’t believe Jesus brought me to this place.  I don’t deserve it but am so floored by the magnitude of His love.  What am I to do with His love?  Sometimes, it just unravels me!

But I want to say thank you…thank you to those who read my updates, who follow our posts, who comment, who share – thank you for considering me as your friend.  I’m blessed to know you.


What are you thoughts?

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