Got Power?

On our own, we are truly weak and ineffective. No matter how young or strong, we can’t do much for ourselves.

It true. A few weeks ago I took my youngest (she’s nine) to the doctor. She was laid out with what turned out to be strep throat. Of course, most pediatric doctors’ offices can be mistaken for a visit to a zoo, and this case was no different. As I sat amongst the madness, I noticed the cacophony didn’t originate from the kids but the adults. The kids were too sick. Young, normally boisterous kiddos were reduced to In the midst of chaos…er, the doctor’s office, I saw so many young people made basically useless (smile.)

I laughed inside as their moms drug them around like sacks of potatoes (okay it’s not supposed to be funny I know.  But it was.  And these moms scared me so I had to laugh inside, which is hard). These kiddos were moaning and groaning under the weight of illness.

I thought, humans are so fragile. We can go from sprinting to bawling in .05 seconds all because of a microscopic virus.

God knows this.

That’s why He tells us to walk with Him daily (Matthew 6:11). Pray to Him (1 Thessalonians 5:17). Abide in Him, like a branch abides in a vine (John 15:4). We have zero, zilch, no power at all without Him (John 15:5).

When I was first saved I used to abide with God all the time. Quiet time in the morning. Prayer at lunch. Weekends spent reading His Word. I spent my evenings outside, talking to Him. No wonder everyone was in a perpetual eye roll when they saw me!

Slowly, gradually, those habits began to disappear. No more evenings outside, the kids were banging their forks on the table. No more weekends spent reading His word; the house was so dirty it came to life and became our pet. No more lunchtime prayer; the boss needed something…again. I was a mom and employee, after all, so I had to practically dance on my desk to get a bathroom break.  Everyone needed a piece of me.

As the pieces flew away, so did my peace. And it was replaced with things far scarier: fear, anger, nervousness, and anxiety.

The last thing to go was prayer. It took a while, though. I’d only pray if I really needed something. Then I’d expect instant results, and get angry when I didn’t get them. Gradually, I began to wonder if He was even there, or if He cared at all.

Eventually I stopped praying. After all, He wasn’t listening anyway.

I’d tell people at work how awesome God was. How He saved me from death and blah, blah. It was a load of hokey. I showed no evidence of God. Everyone knew I was a fraud.

It all came to a head some time ago. Without going into details, my life changed dramatically. Suddenly, abiding in God was a necessity. I now understand if I don’t abide in God, I will be checked in to the nearest mental facility. And not for a short time, either. They’ll be visiting during the appointed hours. I’ll be one of those women the family talks about in hushed tones.

No, abiding in God is no longer an option.

And it isn’t for you, either. You see, when you stop abiding in God, you forfeit your power. You have no ability to do anything for yourself or anyone else. However, when you plug back into your Power Source, it will click again. You’ll be full, charged. Peace will return (Philippians 4:7). And dare I say…sanity will prevail?

If you feel powerless, it’s a sign you’ve stopped abiding. Treat yourself as you treat your cell phone when it’s screaming for an outlet: connect to your Source.

Do yourself a favor and plug in while you still have a little left. Don’t wait until you run out. Catastrophe is sure to await you.

He gives strength to the weary, and to him who lacks might He increases power. (Isaiah 40:29)

What are you thoughts?

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