Is God At Church?

Is God At Church?

The lights were dimmed, collections plates ready, and people clutched checks and paper money. Heads bowed, eyes closed, and some even raised their treasure high.

Lips echoed the chant in unison: “Lord, we trust you with our tithes. Give us jobs and better jobs; checks in the mail; interest and income, rebates and returns…”

The proud pastor recited with the 2,000-strong crowd. Their message was clear: we want money. And because we’re tithing, we expect some back.

Is God at Church?

A buddy of mine received correspondence from a church he hadn’t attended in years. The letter outlined his income and what percentage they expected each week. What’s worse, this wasn’t the first time.

Is God at Church?

I wasn’t allowed to dedicate my youngest daughter to our congregation (I worked for their youth group for years.) My husband – her father – was uncomfortable with large crowds and therefore didn’t wish to attend the ceremony (war in Iraq makes you that way). The pastor relayed the message through his employee: “We don’t endorse single motherhood.”

Is God at Church?

The Laodician Church – the last before the apocalypse (Revelation 3) – was described by Jesus as the only one without God in it.

Is God at Church?

During a service of a nearby church, attendees crowded the stage where the pastor preached. They threw dollar bills his way (sounds eerily similar to clubs of the adult type.)

Is God at Church?

God isn’t a Dixie cup; He’s infinite oceans.

Many are finding Him in unorthodox places: nature, home, even in small-group meetings. Tragically, others are finding him (with a little h) outside Christianity.

But many do not find Him at church.

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2 thoughts on “Is God At Church?

  1. In groups or churches where the pastor is the total focus, one will see the development of a cult of personality. If the focus is on scripture and prayer, then it has been my experience that we allow God to be active in our lives. . .

    1. Totally agree! When the focus is on God – and not the people – God reigns! In my experience, I can actually feel the Holy Spirit working there.

      However, when all the focus is on people, it feels…dead.

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