Is Jesus Lost in Our Secondary Issues?

When I discovered Jesus was real, and that He had actually died and came back to life, my life changed.

I became a follower of Christ.

My life hasn’t been the same since. However, I experienced some strange things since then.

For example, when I professed my newly-found faith, my friend asked me, “So, this means you’re a republican, now?”

My other, well-intentioned friend said, “So I guess this means you’re a gun-toting Bible thumper.”

Wait, what?

I can appreciate my friends’ interests in my life, but I was confused.  I had just experienced the most powerful transformation I could fathom, and they compared it with a change in political and cultural beliefs?

Listen, I understand why people believe this.  American Christianity has, for the most part, been largely represented by other symbols and beliefs that really have little to do with God.  There are exceptions, but for the most part this is true.

For example, many Caucasian Christians are also republican.  So I understand their assumption that I would be as well.

Furthermore, I’m not saying that I’m not republican, or pro-gun.

However, I am saying this: I am a Christ follower.  He changed me.  I will never be the same.  It was as though I had been hit by a semi.

Everything else – my political beliefs, etc. – was secondary…if I even thought about them at all.

All that other stuff can be worked out.  Really, all I care about is following Christ to the New Jerusalem.  I want to be where He is, and I’m not all that concerned with extra fluff.

Instead of splitting hairs over other issues, I implore that we focus on the true Issue: Christ.  He is coming back.  We will be judged by what we’ve done with our lives.  Others around you don’t know about Him…but they desperately need to.

They need you to display Him to them.

My Friend, small things are just that – small.  If you are my Brother or Sister in Christ, soon we’ll be sitting at the Wedding Feast and we’ll meet face to face.  I absolutely CANNOT wait.

It’s time to put Jesus back on the throne of your life.  He was there at first, but He’s been slowly replaced – by your secondary issues, your other stuff.

He is all.  He is Everything.  He was there before you were born.  He WILL be there when your twilight arrives.

None of that other stuff will matter.

My Friend, it’s high time to remove that other junk – all the political and cultural stuff – from your throne room and allow your King of kings to take His rightful place.

I hope to see you soon at the Wedding Supper of Christ.  Until then, be blessed!

What are you thoughts?

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