Is the Big One Coming?


According to the FEMA director responsible for Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska, when the Big One hits the Pacific Northwest, he assumes “everything west of Interstate 5 will be toast.”

He’s talking about, of course, the predicted Cascadia Earthquake and ensuing tsunami, which has a one in three chance of happening in the next fifty years.

The Pacific Northwest, however, sits on the Ring of Fire, so earthquakes are not all that unusual.

However, why are earthquakes happening in places like Oklahoma?

The state, normally used to dealing with ice storms and tornadoes, is now experiencing an uptick in earthquakes.

In 2014, Oklahoma experienced 567 magnitude six plus earthquakes, more than the previous thirty years combined.

And just last Friday, multiple quakes rattled…Kansas?

We’re not just experiencing a rise in earthquakes in strange places – we’re experiencing an increase of intense earthquakes globally.

Since 1945, the average yearly magnitude six plus worldwide earthquakes has risen from 64 to 164 – a 61% increase.

Since 1980, the globe has experienced a 10% increase in magnitude six plus earthquakes.

Why the increase?

Some blame fracking, the controversial method of drilling and injecting rocks with water to extract shale gas.

Regardless of the cause, however, the trend is not unusual.  Jesus said there would be an increase of earthquakes near the end of the age (Luke 21:11) and those earthquakes would be in “diverse” places (Matthew 24:7; Mark 13:8)

During the Tribulation – the last seven years on earth as we know it – there will be at least three massive earthquakes.

  • The first will be so destructive every mountain and island on earth will be displaced. (Revelation 6:12-14)
  • The second will occur in Jerusalem, and tenth of the city will collapse. 7,000 people will perish. (Revelation 11:13)
  • The third is a doozy. It will be the most powerful earthquake ever recorded in mankind’s history.  Cities across the globe will collapse.  Every single island will disappear.  So will mountains.  (Revelation 16:18-20)

Dearest Friend, you don’t want to be here during that time.  Make sure you’re not.

Be sure to join us for future installations of prophetic updates.  As always, be blessed!

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