Jack Kelley, Beloved Bible Teacher, Dies

Jack Kelley PhotoJack Kelley, beloved Bible teacher, missionary, and mentor died October 19th of cancer. Jack was a Christian author of several books, including Children’s Stories of the Bible, The Adult Version,  Seven Things You Have To Know To Understand End times Prophecy, and The Redeemer.  His e-book entitled “The Seven Churches Chronicle” is a commentary on Revelation 2-3 and is based on a research trip to Turkey and Greece, where he visited the actual sites of these churches as well as other prominent New Testament locations.

Jack was a successful management consultant who “grew up” in a main line denomination but 25 years ago experienced a radical conversion to Evangelical Christianity. Since then he devoted most of his time and energy to studying and teaching the Bible, conducting studies throughout the western US and serving as teacher, counselor, and lay pastor. He led several pilgrimages to Israel and Jordan, and was the author of all the website’s articles.  These articles and his answers to questions on the Bible have been read by millions of pastors, teachers and students  around the world and are regularly used as sermon topics and Sunday School lessons.  Jack and his family resided on the Baja Peninsula in Mexico where they served as volunteer missionaries.

On Thursday, October 15th, Jack was admitted to the hospital for treatment of severe dehydration.  He was not eating or drinking and had been ill for two weeks.  Several tests and CT scans revealed Jack had untreatable cancer throughout his body.  The diagnosis was sudden and unexpected.  He was admitted to hospice care and died soon after.

Jack has influenced many.  His ministry, Grace Thru Faith, has had a tremendous impact worldwide.  Jack was known for his Biblical knowledge, belief, and simple-to-read studies.  Jack was bold in his faith and lived what he believed.  After an encounter with God, Jack quit his management consultant job, moved to Mexico, and devoted all his time and energy to Bible teaching and local missionary work.  It was his life mission to “store up treasure in Heaven.”

Jack, the world experienced a great loss today.  We will miss your Bible teaching.  I feel as though I’ve lost a personal friend.  Thank you for your service, and may you rest in the arms of the Savior you served so faithfully.

What are you thoughts?

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