Jesus Takes Responsibility for You

Jesus Takes Responsibility

Have you ever wished you were a kid again?

I do. The other day I visited my youngest daughter’s school and I saw this girl prancing around the hall, twirling and swirling while she was walking along to the lunchroom. She was in her own, happy little world.

Then I saw this little dude – he must have been in first or second grade – making a game using the drawstrings on his hoodie sweatshirt. He amused himself for about twenty minutes, and he was having fun too! I wanted to join him.

Most adults know – being an adult can be challenging.

One of the most difficult things, I believe, about being an adult is losing your parents. I praise God all the time my parents are present – and still married to boot! I am extremely lucky.

However, I know many people who have lost their parents.

I also know many who never really had their parents to begin with.

However, a few nights ago, I read to my daughter the story of Saul’s conversion on the Damascus road. For those who aren’t familiar with it, you can read it in Acts chapter nine.

But here’s the cliff notes: after Jesus was resurrected, taken to Heaven, and His followers started the Church, they faced intense discrimination, or persecution. Many believers were physically hurt and some even killed.

At the center of much of this persecution was a man named Saul.

He was a religious leader of the day, but he hated the Church. Hated them because they were spreading the Truth. Hated them because they were growing. But most of all, he hated them because they threatened him.

So he had them killed.

They didn’t stop spreading the Truth and growing, though. The numbers in the Church exploded. Progress was exponential.

One day, Saul was walking to Damascus. And on this trip, the most amazing thing happened. He was overcome by a bright, blinding light. Falling on his knees, he saw the impossible: Jesus Himself emerged from the light.

What He asked next was incredibly telling: “Saul, why are you persecuting Me?”

Jesus didn’t ask why Saul was persecuting His followers. He asked why Saul was attacking Him directly.

This means that every act of cruelty, unfairness, and violence against His followers was actually an act of cruelty, unfairness, and violence against Him.

It makes sense. After all, He is our Father.

Do you remember when you were a kid and some bully approached you and did something mean? Maybe they called you a name, or insulted you. Maybe they even hit or punched you.

After the incident, you may have run home and explained the whole ordeal to one or both of your parents. And, if they were good parents, they took it personally. They would, in their anger, want to take up arms against the bully. They probably desired to confront them, even if they didn’t.

This is because not only was it an attack against you, it was an attack against them.

And that’s exactly how Jesus views attacks against you. They aren’t just injustices thrown your way – they are direct assaults against Him.

In that way, we are children. And the beauty of it is, we always will be.

Try to remember that the next time you’re going through trouble. The next time someone harasses or assails you, remember that ultimately, it is an attack against Jesus. He takes direct responsibility for your troubles.

You may not see Him doing it, but He sees all.

And every one of your troubles will be reconciled.

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11)

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