Jewish Messiah Preparations – A Summary

Before my husband returned from the Iraq war I went in a tizzy: cleaning, fixing, exercising, and finishing things I was supposed to do during his deployment.

Jewish people are doing the same. Each passing day brings news of Israel’s readying herself for Messiah (not to compare my husband to Messiah. That was just the best example.)

**Below is a breakdown of the latest preparations but let me warn you: I don’t agree with the Jewish concept or timeline of Messiah.

Nope, I’m Christian. My Biblical interpretation is pretty literal and I’m pre-Trib and pre-Millennial. Maybe you don’t know what that means and that’s okay. Maybe you disagree with my stance and that’s also okay. You don’t have to unfriend me if we disagree. And if your views are different you should still listen because…well, I’m a pretty cool chick with useful information.

I say all that to reiterate I believe the Jewish concept and timeline of Messiah is incorrect. However, the Jewish cry for Messiah is relevant which I’ll explain later.

  • Balaam’s Star – In 2022 a star will be born. For six months it will be brighter than others.

Remember the bizarre “blessing” from the non-Jewish prophet Balaam in Numbers 24? Jewish rabbis believe this is a fulfillment of his prophecy that predicted a new star before the arrival of an important military leader (Numbers 24:17).

  • Shark & Jellyfish Swarms – Swarms of jellyfish and sharks have made their home off the Israeli coast over the past few weeks.

Jewish rabbis believe this is a fulfillment of Ezekiel 38:20, said to apparently take place prior to the Gog-Magog war (when Russia and others invade Israel.) This war occurs at the end of the age. Coincidentally this verse is currently being read in synagogues across Israel.

  • Campaign to Teach Messiah Greeting – Jewish belief dictates all Jewish people bless the Messiah in a specific way. There is a current push to teach everyone these blessings.

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  • Temple Preparations – Although about 200,000 people would turn over in their graves, the Jewish Temple construction could actually occur soon.

– For the first time in 2,000 years recent changes make it possible for Jewish people worldwide to donate the required half-shekel for Temple construction/maintenance

– Wine acceptable for Temple service – created under strict requirements – has become available for the first time in modern times

– Religious groups will soon submit a survey to the Israeli government relating to the construction of four synagogues on the Temple Mount

  • US Elections – While the US is quaking with election protests, Jewish leaders have the opposite reaction: they think it’s the Messianic age.

“If such a miracle can happen, we have already reached the days of the Messiah,” said Interior Minister Arye Deri. “Therefore we really are in the era of the birth pangs of the Messiah when everything has been flipped to the good of the Jewish people.”

  • Israeli Police Preparations – Jewish cops are readying for Messiah-induced crowd control. “When the Messiah comes, everyone will want to [approach] him so it will get very crowded,” said Israeli Police Commissioner.
  • Rabbis Believe Daniel’s 70-Weeks Culminates This Year – Hold your horses; this one’s complicated and a stretch.

Here goes: Jewish rabbis believe the 70-Week prophecy (Daniel 9:24-27) ends with Jewish year the current year 5777. Here’s why:

– Daniel 12:7 says the end will come after “a time, times, and a half.”

– Jewish Rabbi Meir Halevi Horowitz says a “time” represent 700 years for various reasons

– So a “time” (700) “times” (700*2 or 1400) and “a half” (350) equals 2,450

– 2450 added to 3327, the Jewish year of the Babylonion exile, is 5777, the current year

*I adhere to Isaac Newton’s interpretation of Daniel 9:24-27 in which a “week” is seven years and the prophecy points to the Triumphal Entry of Christ

So What?

Why is all this relevant? If I don’t adhere to the Jewish notion of a messiah, why do I care if they’re clamoring for him?

Because the Jewish messiah is very different from Jesus.


Israelites from ancient to current times seek a government and military leader who overtakes and rules earthly systems. Jesus did not do this. Instead, Jesus’ first coming deposited the Kingdom of Heaven into hearts of willing individuals and He used them to build His earthly Church comprised of people instead of buildings. He promised to return again and this time overtake and rule worldly systems – after a period of tribulation.

No, most Jewish people do not think Jesus fit the messiah bill. Hesitatingly I say: the criteria for the Jewish messiah will be fulfilled by the Antichrist…for a time.

The Coming World Leader – the Antichrist – will do exactly what the Jewish people think the messiah should: be a government leader. Rule militarily. Build a temple. Make peace.

That means if they’re clamoring for a messiah, perhaps he’s here. Is their spiritual hunger indicative of a coming leader? A ruler who will entice them much like the Antichrist will?

Taken into account with other end-times signs, I believe so.

And when the Antichrist is here, the end is near.

My dearest Friends, I believe Jesus will descend on the clouds soon. It’s time to look up.

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What are you thoughts?

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