The world sits on the precipice of change. On the horizon is an event that will affect ever person that has ever lived.

Hello. My name is Diane Watt, and I’m a filmmaker.

Two-thousand years ago a resurrected Jesus gave an aged disciple John one of His final warnings: “Behold!” said Jesus. “I come quickly!” Jesus meant He would return to Earth and set up His kingdom.

Now, centuries later, we stand on the cliff of this event. Some aware, some not. But near, we are.

The state of world governments, Israel, technology, and our environment all point to one conclusion: Christ is coming.

The Average Person Isn’t Aware

Most are unaware. Consider the Average Joe: he works hard and is caught up in daily life yet isn’t aware of what’s happening behind the scenes that places us so close to Jesus’ Second Coming. Prophecy confuses him so he doesn’t think about it…until it’s too late.

Thankfully, there is still time and the message is still relevant.

The Harvest Is Plentiful

It is up to us: the chosen ones, the Church, to be Jesus’ mouthpiece. We are the watchers on the wall warning a sleeping city of the Savior’s arrival.

This is where we need your help! We’re creating a film called The Coming Christ. Our movie will show the audience what’s happening behind the world’s curtains and what it means in terms of Bible prophecy. It will convey truths in a straightforward way so the average person I just described will know how Christ’s return will affect them personally.

We’re hoping to raise $6000 to conduct initial interviews. This way we can begin shooting soon because our time is so, so very short.

Listen, the world needs our message. We’re the Church; we can change the world. Let’s change it together. Christ is coming. Join the movement.

Yes! I'll join the movement