Jolted by 59 Tomahawks

We experienced an oh-my-goodness moment a few weeks ago.

Amidst the grinding machine of life a headline penetrated our busyness: “Breaking: US Launches 59 Tomahawks into Syria.”

Anyone who’s studied Bible prophecy for three minutes knows the combo words “launch” and “Syria” wake us faster than a quadruple shot latte. It’s a precursor; a fulfillment; an indication of our nearness to Christ’s Kingdom. Behold, says Isaiah 17:1, I will make Damascus a ruinous heap.

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For those unaware, Damascus is Syria’s capital. And this ruinous heap happens just prior to Christ’s return.

Russia soon got involved in our kerfuffle. True to her rep, the up-and-coming superpower (is she really up-and-coming? I’d hazard to say she’s well established) stuck her neck in the mix and deemed the US’s launch unwarranted.

Could be. Could be not. Who’s to say? But this can be and has been said: when you see these things, look up – it’s the end of the world as we know it.

Why? Because the Bible says Russia will lead an end-times coalition to strike Israel. If Russia is upset with the US, Israel’s favorite friend, a confrontation with Israel isn’t far behind.

In fact, I’ll steal the words of another watcher: as the attack on Syria went down, Israel was on her tiptoes peeking over her fence to calculate her next move.

Scientists: Less Than Ten Years Left

A growing group of scientists are typing their fingers to the bone warning us we’ve a decade before we’re toast.

You may not buy into climate change. Hear me out though.

Anyone with at least one working eye and/or one working ear can agree: something’s up with our habitat. If everything were A-OK there’d be no mass animal deaths. The reverse is true, however. Every day we hear of a new hoard of lifeless animals piling up somewhere. Though most don’t know why, deep down we know it’s not right.

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A few scientists have an explanation: our planet’s in peril. In fact several, to include Guy McPherson, Sam Carana (a pseudo name for an unknown expert(s)), and the author of The Big Wobble have boldly stated they don’t expect humanity to live past 2026. Want to be freaked out? Check out their blogs. If you don’t drown in the sea of scientific evidence you’ll realize: we’ve got a problem.

They know their stuff. Armed with enough facts to fill 2,000 pedabytes, it appears they are correct. Their truth, however, goes only halfway: yes, habitat for humanity may be on a terminal schedule by around 2026 – but Christ’s return will interrupt the extinction event.

This group of scientists has proven the environment has issues. Arctic ice melt, methane and CO2 in the atmosphere, rising temperatures – the list goes on – are all problems but they won’t cause the complete extinction of man because Christ will return prior. Jesus’ words “if those days had not been cut short, no one would survive” tell us the depopulation will be harsh, but His follow-up “for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened” guarantees it won’t be complete.

Experts say ten years. It could be less. Are you seizing the day?

By the way many scientists won’t admit this. This is because, according to McPherson (who’s been excluded from the scientific community for his unabashed truthfulness) the financial incentive to remain silent is too great. In other words, truth-telling won’t win grants.

Spiraling Technology

Technology is advancing so rapidly it’ll make your head spin. I dare you to Google search the latest. It will leave you feeling…weird.

A few bizarre facts:

* Avatars – Remember James Cameron’s 2008 blue alien movie? Turns out we’re doing this. In 2012 DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency) announced the military Avatar fighter project. Its goal is to create front-line soldiers remotely controlled from behind enemy lines.

* Teleportation – who doesn’t want to teleport themselves to the Bahamas? If it’s up to Cisco you’ll be able to soon. Their cutting-edge technology uses light and sound to enable two (or more) people on opposing sides of the globe to feel as though they’re in the same room.

* 3D Printing – for those unaware this technology allows the common person to “print” anything 3D from a molecular level. Anything can be tools, clothes, food-like products, weapons; if you can imagine it, you can print it.

* Human flight – as soon as next year you’ll be able to suit up with a jetpack and fly around the Andes. Developed by Martin Aircraft, a cool $100,000 can get you up to thirty minutes of flight per session.

There’s more. From gender-changing pills to trans-humanism to artificial intelligence, the future is confusing. What’s even more confusing? The Book of Revelation mentions none of these technologies.

That means something. The last Biblical book – the one narrating Christ’s return to earth – says nothing of imminent technology but lots about current technology. This indicates an interruption to the rate of technological advancement. What could that interruption be? I dunno about y’all but I’m putting my money on end times. All of it.

What About You?

What are you wagering? Are you aware of how close we are prior to Christ’s return? Are you ready? If not you should be. Nothing is more important. Readying yourself isn’t as complex as you may think.

My dear Friends, it’s time to look up. Dust off your Bible and wipe the sleep out of your eyes. Contrary to many’s beliefs He has not forgotten us. Our King is coming. Join us as we await Him expectantly.

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