The Story

Jesus is real, and He’s coming back…sooner than we think.

It’s evident: life on earth is growing unstable. The fact is, our existence will soon change.

Shouldn’t everyone know?

Christ is coming. Join the movement.

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My name is Diane. I watch world events and tell what I see.

I see this: the Book of Revelation matches current events.

What does this mean? Will our age end? Is Jesus coming back?

Nothing could be more important.

So we’re making a movie.

Be Part of It

What’s the Status?

There’s a few stages to creating a documentary. First, you research and fund raise. Then, you develop a plan and shooting schedule. Then, you gather footage. Next is script-writing, then editing, and last: distribution.

Currently we’re in the research and fundraising phase of the process. This is very important! Without funds this movie will not be made.

Me doing research for The Coming Christ

If your church would be interested in assisting, please contact me at If you’d like to contribute you may do so using the red button above.

Be blessed!