Many Won’t Possess This. Will You?

Jesus Indicates When He Returns, Only a Few Will Have this Valuable Trait

There is a teeny-tiny, almost silent truth buried deep in the Gospel of Luke.

It reads so quickly, we don’t even notice.

But when revealed, it blows up in our face. It holds the power of ten thousand atom bombs. Upon explosion, our walks are halted; we are aghast because it is a perfect description of us.

What I’m talking about is Luke 18:8: a description of the future condition of the corporate Church’s heart when Christ returns.

The Context

Here’s the reader’s digest version: in the first part of Luke chapter 18, Jesus describes a woman who continually asks a judge to provide her a fair dealing with an enemy. The judge, an uncaring, unconcerned man, finally gives her justice in exchange for peace and quiet. After all, she was getting on his nerves.

Jesus instructs us to follow her example. “Keep asking,” He says. “Your Father will give what you seek.”

What’s Missing on Earth?

Then, He deals the blow.

“But when I come back, am I going to find faith on earth?”

Whoa. What kind of question is that?

Let me be clear: Jesus asks His followers if, when He returns, He will find belief anywhere on earth.

Christ’s inquiry indicates that He will not, in fact, find faith. Not much, anyway. It alludes that authentic belief will be rare. After all, He doesn’t ask if He will find faith amongst the 8.4 million people in New York City. Or the 100,000 in Lawton, Oklahoma.

No, He wonders if He’ll find faith amongst the 7 billion on earth.

His question makes me picture His searching every city in every nation on the globe before He finds only one follower who actually believes Him.

Why Do We Emphasize Behavior over Belief?

Oh, Lordhavemercy. Are we so quick to dismiss faith? Do we truly believe Him? Or do we merely say we believe in Him, yet fail to believe His words? I fear the latter is true. For me. Maybe for you, too.

This cannot – should not – be. What ineffectiveness. What loss. What waste!

Something must be done to change this. Thankfully, it is not beyond our control. You and I can start today. Start small. Faith is a muscle that must be built over time.

We determine how quickly, and how large, faith grows.

– Diane Watt, Scripture Seeds

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We can start believing now. Listen, everyone is given the same amount of faith upon salvation. But we determine how quickly, and how large, it grows. We can pick up His Word, dust it off, open its sacred pages, ingest His life-giving principles, and believe. We can know: this is mine. These verses talk about me.

Yes, it’s terrifying.

Yes, we fear He’ll let us down, make us out to be a fool, create in us a laughingstock to the unbelieving world. We fear it’s all bogus, that our lives will never reflect the power and divinity of Him.

We fear we’ll declare to all: “I will overcome! Jesus guarantees it! Victory is mine!” And then we’ll fall flat and all will point and laugh, their suspicions of our phoniness confirmed.

But unless we take that step, we’ll never know.

We’ll never know what it feels like to walk on water. To be part of the biggest faith adventure we can fathom – that wow, God said it, it happened, and I’m proof it’s real. We’ll never partake in the wondrous journey of trusting and leaping. Of being caught by our Father who works in ways we can’t understand. We’ll never know that it takes exercise to build our faith muscle.

You. Can. Do. It.

Because, in the end, isn’t that what you want? To be amongst the few – or even (dare I say it?) the none – that Jesus finds faithful upon His return? When He snatches us to His wedding feast; when we are gathered from the four corners of the earth, and His blazing eyes pierce us, will He ask, “Why didn’t you believe? Did I die – and rise again – for nothing?”

Or, will you be crowned with dignity? Will He say of you, “Yes, my beloved believed. He took my Words and flew. Well done, good and faithful servant.”

My heart is poured on the floor to be one of the latter. Oh, Lord, help us. Give us the divine nod of approval. Help us to know You are real and our meager, weak steps of faith are approved.

To join the cry of many who ache to take up their shields of faith, download our eBook, The Powerful Christian.

Here’s to an effective, fruit-filled, multiplying, powerful walk of belief on the path to Glory.  May your shield protect you, may your Sword of the Spirit cut deep into the souls of those around you, and may the sandals of peace carry you far into the Promised Land of faith adventure.

Be blessed, my Friend.

What are you thoughts?

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