Our Ministry Needs Your Help

Prayer Pic 2Hello Mighty Saints!

As we embark upon the new school year (yes, I’m a mom. I operate my schedule around school years instead of calendar years), we are gearing up for a re-kindling of our ministry. As we do, we’re asking for your help.

We need your prayers! If you’re so inclined, can you please pray that:

  • The Holy Spirit of God would be unleashed in our ministry to operate in His way. We are fully incapable on our own and at His mercy for absolutely everything.
  • All our teaching would be doctrinally sound, Biblically correct, and supremely blessed by God.
  • All necessary resources to continue the ministry – time, money, soundness of mind, peace of spirit, and wellness of body – would be provided.

This year, our goals are to:

  • Provide interesting, frequent prophetic updates
  • Purchase and migrate from histruthrevealed.org to scriptureseeds.com. This won’t be easy because scriptureseeds.com is currently in use. But I’m asking God for it anyway.

Thank You for any and all help you can provide, dear Friends!

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What are you thoughts?

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