Owning Scripture

Owning Scripture

We could be so much more powerful than we are. After all, we were created to be warriors.

However, we often choose the less-effective life: defeat, worry, sorrow. We hem and haw when confronted with choices and wonder why things don’t go our way. We bang our fists and our heads and wish we had it easier. We wonder, is this how it’s supposed to be?

When Satan, the enemy, visits our hearts and our homes, he comes equipped to kill and destroy. His weapons are sharpened and the fire is stoked. He looms over us ready to strike, and we shrink back, whimpering against his force. In our minds, we have no weapon capable of defending ourselves.

We couldn’t be more wrong.

On the nightstands and in the bookshelves of almost every Christian home is the most effective weapon ever formed: the Holy Bible. Within its pages are endless promises to lift, encourage, strengthen, and empower us. Tragically, most of those promises go unclaimed.


Often, we don’t believe the stories and truths in the Bible are for us. Oh sure, they worked for people like Abraham (he needed the Bible to help raise a baby at well over a hundred years old) and Moses (he needed to throw it at the disobedient Israelites,) but for us…well, it’s an old book, and it was written before we were born, and it’s not really for us, right?

Wrong. When God penned the Bible, He was thinking about you.

So how can we better understand and believe the Bible to be ours? How can we take ownership of it? 

Insert Your Name into Verses

One of the most effective habits I’ve practiced is to personally insert my name into Scripture. You should try it. You’ll need to change the sentence structure so the verses are about you; however leave it as close to the original as possible. Additionally, I’d recommend posting the personalized Scripture using the sticky note application on your computer (example below) or on a regular notepad. The point is to put it somewhere you can readily access it.

For example, two screen shots below show the original Scripture (left) and the modified one (right).

Psalm 121 BeforePsalm 121 After

There’s something about seeing your name in the midst of a Bible passage that helps you believe it more.

Memorize Scripture

The best way to make Scripture part of your being is to memorize it. Experts say you are what you eat. When you memorize verses, you become Godly. Biblical promises and truths become weaved into your memory system and they ultimately become a part of who you are.

Let me explain it this way: every Friday my family and I eat whatever we want as long as I don’t have to cook it. My hubby and daughters get McDonalds; however, I get a delicious, sloppy Whopper from Burger King. It’s been a tradition so long in our household, we’ve renamed Fridays to Whopper Friday. I typically wash it down with a large Diet Coke and a king-sized Reece’s peanut butter cup. I enjoy Friday nights very much. Often, however, I don’t think of the consequences.

The following day, usually around the afternoon or evening, I feel my jeans pinching my sides. I hold in my stomach when facing a mirror. My shirt gets a little tight. I feel…uncomfortable.

What happened? Well, the Whopper, Diet Coke, and king-sized Reece’s peanut butter cup I consumed the night before became a part of me. In fact, they even added to me!

That’s exactly what happens when we memorize Scripture. Internalizing it is so similar to consumption that God told Isaiah to eat His sacred Word. When we memorize Scripture, we eat it.

Almost every night my girls and I sit at the dining room table and recite our memorized verses. We choose one verse on the first and fifteenth of every month and repeat it until it becomes part of our psyche. It’s more difficult than it looks (I’m the worst of us, by the way) but it’s so rewarding. There’s something supernatural that happens when you commit to memory a piece of divine Word. It’s as if the Heavens grace our earthly, barren minds.

These are only two ways to own Scripture. There are many more techniques; however, these are simple, easy, and incredibly effective. Our God vehemently desires we consume, claim, and proclaim His promises to us. And when Satan comes stalking us, we’ll have a God-crafted weapon ready to slay him into oblivion.

Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.

Psalm 119:105

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