Prophecy Update: Age of Deception


Ever been in a chat room, or looking at a website’s comments, and noticed someone who steered the conversation in an entirely different direction?

Or perhaps they post a weird comment in an attempt to confuse the reader.

Chances are this person might be employed to do this.

Yes, according to Edward Snowden, a former CIA employee and NSA whistleblower, this type of thing happens regularly.

Just recently in the UK, an organization called Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group (JTRIG) was outed because of their underhanded attempts to persuade and influence online readers.

One of their goals?  Monitor “domestic extremist groups.”

Friend, one of JTRIG’s so-called extremist groups is a peaceful group against the spread of Islam and sharia law in the UK.

How is that extreme?

By the way, according to new research, if you are a Christian, you are likely categorized as extremist.  Don’t believe me?  Take the test to see if you’re a religious extremist.

According to sources, JTRIG uses social media to conduct operations.  Here’s a sample of what they do:

  • Upload YouTube videos containing persuasive communications
  • Set up Facebook groups and Twitter accounts to encourage or monitor a topic’s discussion
  • Create online aliases to support YouTube videos, etc.

Normally, this type of stuff makes me shake my head.

However, it can be very, very destructive.

In a world where Truth is rare and people seek it desperately, JTRIG and organizations like it are the spider webs between lost souls and the life-giving freedom only available from the Truth of Jesus.

They are like those who won’t enter Heaven – and won’t let others, either. (Matthew 23:13)

Cover FinalFor someone asking life’s most important questions – why are we here, and what’s next? – these deceptive operations can deter them from the answers that build the bridge between eternal destruction and life.

How unimaginably cruel.

Additionally, they seek to discredit the voice of the Christian.

Friend, do not let them.

Yes, you may be an extremist, but that’s a badge of which we can be proud.

You are an extremist for Christ – Who gave to us extremely.

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What are you thoughts?

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