Prophecy Update – Jan 2016

Prophecy Update 1

Of all the Biblical prophecies, or predictions, there are a few which keep me intrigued because so much activity is happening. They are:

Gog-Magog War

For those who don’t know, the War of Gog-Magog is predicted in Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39. Basically, it’s a war in which Russia will lead a coalition of nations to include Iran, Turkey, Sudan, and Libya. This coalition will be lured into invading Israel.

Interestingly, Saudi Arabia will oppose this invasion. Saudi Arabia has, as of late, been shunned by several Islamic nations.

Why Is This Prophecy Important?

Bible scholars have long since debated when this war occurs in relation to end times.

Some believe it will happen before the Rapture (disappearance of all followers of Christ,) a small minority believe it will happen during the Millennial Reign. However, most believe it will happen after the Rapture.

For those who like pictures, here is an end-times timeline (click picture to make larger):

End Times Timeline


If those scholars are right and the Gog-Magog War happens after the Rapture, then all progression of the prophecy is a progression towards the Rapture.

What Are Some Recent Advances in the Prophecy?

Iran is Gaining Power

Most people know that the U.S. recently made a nuclear deal with Iran. However, most don’t know that this deal gives Iran a significant amount of money and tremendously boosts their economy.

For example:

Russia is Increasingly Active in the Middle East…and everywhere else

Just a few short years ago, Russia was sort of a non-issue. However, lately they’ve become so active on the world scene I don’t know what to think!

Additionally, Russia has become increasingly friendly with Iran, which is an indicator the Gog-Magog alliance is growing stronger.

Here are a few ways Russia is becoming more involved:

  • Cyber attacks. Apparently Russia has employed hackers to further its political agenda.
  • Perceived Peace-Keeping. The Japanese foreign minister recently said Russia was the key to resolving International threats deriving from Syria and North Korea (who has, by the way, recently performed several nuclear tests.)  It’s strange – the US used to be the world’s peace-keeper. Now Russia is taking that title?

Israel is Becoming an Attractive Target

Remember how I said that something will lure Russia into attacking Israel? Several people have debated what that could be – whether it’s a religious or economic incentive.

However, here is a real possibility: natural gas fields.

Recent discoveries have revealed several reserves off the coast of Israel. The Leviathan and Tamar Gas fields were discovered some time ago; however, Sunday an additional, larger field was discovered with the capability to produce 8.9 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

In a world experiencing natural gas and oil withdrawals, this discovery just makes Israel a more attractive target.


Keeping up with world events is, at times, a very busy job!

However, I love doing it, and I absolutely adore sharing it with you. Nothing inspires me to live in the moment more than Bible prophecy! These are indeed very exciting times!

While it may be exciting for people like me, it also frightens others. I understand that, and I take comfort that there is a way to escape the uncertainty of the world.

For those who love prophecy, stay tuned because I will release more updates, hopefully as soon as this week.

As always, be blessed my precious Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

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What are you thoughts?

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