Prophetic Update – February 2016

Jewish Temple

I don’t agree with Billy Graham.

Many years ago he said, “I pick up the Bible in one hand, and I pick up the newspaper in the other.  And I read almost the same words in the newspaper as I read in the Bible.”

The reason I disagree with him is not because Bible prophecies aren’t being fulfilled.  They are.

It’s because newspapers – and their websites – don’t report them.

There are some stories that should be plastered on the front page of CNN or Fox News, but aren’t.  For example:

Apparently Iran’s “shopping list” is a tall order to fill.

By the way, Iran is so stacked now because the recently-lifted sanctions that resulted from the Iranian nuclear deal. The nation is now billions richer.

This is relevant to End Times. The Biblical Book of Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39 contain a prophecy describing a future event in which Russia and Iran partner with about three other countries.  This coalition invades Israel.

The reason this is significant is because it likely occurs after the Rapture.

  • Did you know that preparation is underway to construct a third Temple in Jerusalem?

A replica was built in Brazil in four years at a cost of $317 million.

This serves as a dry run for the future third Temple.

Priest are being prepared to serve in the Temple as ascribed by the Book of Leviticus.

This is relevant to End Times because, during the Seven-Year Tribulation, a third Jewish Temple will exist.

The second Jewish Temple – the one in existence during Jesus’ lifetime – was destroyed in 70AD.

Cover FinalThings are happening so quickly!

Although much End Times news is sobering, it contains a silver lining – those whose faith is in Jesus Christ will soon meet their Messiah.  And nothing – nothing – could be more exciting than that!

Be sure to tune in as we follow other significant events.

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