Prophetic Update: Rumblings in the East

North Korea

In the Last Days, countries in the Far East, to include China, Japan, North, and South Korea will become hugely significant.

Here’s why:

  • Did you know there are currently four angels stationed at the Euphrates River?

Their assignment is to create a spiritual barrier between the Middle and Far East.  The

The Euphrates River - extremely relevant in End Times
The Euphrates River – extremely relevant in End Times

Euphrates runs diagonally through Iran and has provided a physical obstacle between the two regions.

However, in Revelation 9:13-19, about midway into the Seven-Year Tribulation, these angels (some believe they are demons) will be relieved of duty, and the spiritual barrier between the two territories will be removed.  The physical obstacle will be removed later in Revelation 16, when the Euphrates is dried up prior to the Battle of Armageddon.

The result of the spiritual barrier removal will be a mounted army on a massive scale – 200 million – that converges with the angels to destroy a third of mankind via a nuclear bomb.  Almost 2 billion people will perish.  (Although it’s unsure who – or what – composes the army, most believe they are demons instead of humans.)

How is this relevant to far eastern countries?

Most scholars believe the nuclear bomb will be detonated there, where 40% of the world’s population currently resides in often crowded conditions.

I treasure the Bible.  I value each and every word written in the Word.  But prophetic words coming to fruition before our eyes can be wrenching – and this is one of those times.

Because Bible prophecy accurately validates today’s current world conditions.  You may not have heard, but North Korea – one of the Far East countries mentioned above – threatened “indiscriminate” nuclear strikes against the US and South Korea if the two allied countries carried out their joint military drills, scheduled to begin yesterday.

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The US and South Korea continued the exercise anyway.  In fact, it’s currently underway and is the largest recorded anti North-Korean drill.

And last Thursday, Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s leader, directed his army to be ready to use the country’s nuclear weapons “at any time.
These days, the Far East has become extremely relevant, especially in terms of End Times.

My beloved Friend, you do not want to be here to experience the coming nuclear showdownThankfully, you don’t have to be.

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