Prophetic Update September 2016, Part 1

This is a continuance of last week’s prophetic update. To view it, click here.

Are we truly seeing the signs of the Lord’s imminent return? Here are more signs:

Earth Sucked Dry

Simply put: our globe is withering. Aquifers are diminished faster than they are replenished; specifically, water levels have decreased in 64% of the US’s wells since 1996.

Astonishingly, in the past 100 years America has sucked enough water from aquifers to equal 28 times the volume of Lake Mead.


If you’re unfamiliar with aquifers, see below:


Additionally, the Eastern Mediterranean – Cyprus, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, and Turkey – is amidst the worst drought in 900 years.

And what of the US? Its drought nearly doubled since March 2016, and over 21% of the country is dry. And it’s spreading east from California. Check out this quote from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration:

According to the Drought Impacts Reporter, agricultural impacts are piling up. Pastures have deteriorated, hay production has fallen, and stock ponds and creeks have dried up in the High Plains, and fire danger is high.

In Massachusetts and other parts of the Northeast, farmers are struggling to irrigate lettuce, corn and other crops that are normally sustained by rainfall, with many growers suffering significant losses. Meanwhile, many towns and cities across the region are under voluntary or mandatory water restrictions.

– National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Famine. Coming Soon to Your County.
Famine: the result of drought

What’s the Relevance?

If you’re not personally affected by drought, you will be. Drought equals famine, which abounds in End Times (Luke 21:11). The closer we get to the edge of Mankind’s Calendar, the more severe the food shortages (Revelation 6:6).

Other Prophecies

I’m a Christian. I believe the Bible six billion percent, even when it’s a mystery.

That said, every other religion’s prophecies point to “Soon.”

St. Malachy. The 12th Imam. The Hopi Indian Prophecy. The urgent Jewish call for Aliyah.

Why does everyone sense an impending, worldwide change? Perhaps because we know it’s coming?

The Hopi Indian Tribe believes a change is immiment
The Hopi Indian Tribe believes a change is immiment


Mysterious Military Drills

Recently several Blackhawk helicopters participated in a mysterious drill in Boston, MA. The exercise took place in darkness, and there was no explanation from the Boston PD or the Department of Defense. According to police, “specifics are kept mysterious for a good reason.”

Mysterious military drills in Boston in August
Mysterious military drills in Boston in August

A few weeks ago reports came in from Lake Stevens, WA, (my hometown. Smile.) of low-flying Blackhawks late at night. Authorities never confirmed nor denied, and the reason was never defined.


Who Cares?

The reason this is relevant is because it points to martial law, or when the military replaces local law enforcement. Authorities aren’t truthful of these activities because doing so could be tragic. Before you get your tin hat, understand this was all Biblically foretold: a global government will be in place during End Times (Revelation 13:1-4; Daniel 2:41-42; Daniel 7:16-24).

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