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Rapture Watch 2

Lately, I’ve been gazing at the sky, half expecting Jesus to return any minute.

After all, our world is crumbling. I won’t begin to list our endless problems; they probably wouldn’t fit on my computer anyway. Let’s just say they appear to be worsening by the minute.

I’m no expert as eschatology (a fancy way of saying “end times.”) However, I do know this: we must be getting close. Here’s how I know:

Russia’s Awakening

In Ezekiel chapter thirty-eight, God says Russia will lead a coalition of several countries (Iran, Turkey, etc.) to mount a war against Israel. This war is called the “Gog-Magog War.” Israel will ultimately defeat her enemies. This appears to be happening.

Here’s why it’s important: it will probably happen after the Rapture.

For those who don’t know, the Rapture is the literal disappearance of all Christians. It will likely occur before the last seven, fateful years of planet earth, commonly referred to as the Tribulation. (By the way, you do not want to be here during those seven years.)

Syria’s Troubles

Isaiah chapter seventeen says Damascus will be a ruinous heap. Damascus is Syria’s capital. Syria has recently faced increasing troubles. As disheartening as it sounds, Damascus will be demolished at some point in the future.

This, too, will happen close to the Rapture.

A prophecy against Damascus:  See, Damascus will no longer be a city  but will become a heap of ruins.

Isaiah 17:1 

America’s Paralysis

We’ve reached a pinnacle point in American history where we can no longer help anyone. Our debt is astronomical, and partaking in another war is almost impossible. We’ve increased the debt limit numerous times, and it’s doubtful we can increase it much more.

Why is this important? America is not involved in the aforementioned war (Gog-Magog.)

In years past, America has continually allied with Israel. However, this time we won’t. Why? Perhaps because we are paralyzed by debt?

We’ve reached a tipping point. I’m no expert, but I’ve been watching long enough to know it’s getting close.



Allow me to conclude by asking you a question. Are you a Christian? If so, why not?

Being saved is so simple: (1) Ask God to forgive you of your sins, (2) Believe Jesus died and rose again to save you, and (3) Commit your life to Him.

No more is required of you. My beloved friend, don’t procrastinate. Your eternal destiny hangs in the balance.

For everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved.

Romans 10:13

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