Rescuing You

You’re likely an adult. If not, you’re close. You’ve probably been taught to be responsible, act mature, and do the “right” things.

But I suspect you’re not OK.

Because things are out of control. Allow me to illustrate. Just the other day a gunman killed five random people at the Fort Lauderdale airport. Imagine: you’re scanning the belt to ensure your bag isn’t stolen and Blam! It’s over.

Unless your pretty head is stuck in the sand, things can be whacked out, confusing, and scary. Right about now, we need our mommas.

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You’re Not the Only One

Most feel the same. Recently I saw a commercial advertising an upcoming TV series. It targeted “the spiritually hungry.”

This is understandable considering our state of affairs. Despite what you may have heard, things are not getting better (nor will they…yet.) We’ve many problems, and most of them are unfixable by us in the long run.

No wonder we need a hero. The red pill isn’t cutting it anymore. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go watch the Matrix immediately. Please.)

Israeli Police Gearing Up for Messiah

Yep, that’s right. Jewish cops are getting ready for crowd control.

Why? Apparently Messiah is near.

“When the Messiah comes, everyone will want to approach [him], so it will get very crowded,” said the Israeli police commissioner.

When Israel starts peeking for Messiah, perk up. It means something. Let me explain.

Israelites never believed Jesus fit the Messiah bill. They’re looking for the One promised them.

In their eyes Messiah will

  • Rebuild Jewish Temple in Jerusalem
  • Gather all Jewish people to Israel

The reason why their Messiah-seeking is important is because during the rule of the Coming World Leader, Antichrist, these things will happen. (2 Thessalonians 2; Daniel 9; Matthew 24)

When Antichrist is here, the end is near.

Native Americans

A Hopi tribe elder recently said of End Times: “There is first a purification time, then a renewal time. We are getting very close to this time.”

No one knows when this will happen, but most know it’s close.


Bible expert Joel Rosenberg recently said (speaking of ISIS), “For the first time in human history, the leaders of two nation states are being driven by [end times].”

The Islamic messiah description matches that of Antichrist. When Antichrist is here, the end is near.

So What?

We aren’t stupid. Most sound-minded adults know change is coming even if they’re consciously unaware. This mix-mash of instability is unsustainable and you’ll admit it if you’re honest.

Humans are naturally spiritual. The fact almost every religious group – even if they’re seeking the wrong messiah – anticipates a near rescue is because they instinctively know it’s coming.

Why Is This Happening?

I was about six when I picked up my first Cat in the Hat. It was a story about pink snow. Maybe you remember, and if you do you probably know how it goes:

The Cat in the Hat visits a boy at his house. They notice a speck of pink snow inside. They try to clean it, but it grows. Soon the speck overtakes the house and creeps to the yard, infecting the white snow.

Meanwhile, good ole Cat brings mini cat helpers. They’re named Cat A, B, C…and so forth. All the way to Y. The cat army tries to clean up until they’re stumped in the middle of a pink mess.

Until Cat Z comes.

Tiny Cat Z comes in a whirlwind then Voila! White snow. Order. Calm. No more pink.

The story ends. Happily ever after even.

That’s what’s happening to us only we’re in pink crud and Jesus is Cat Z.

That’s Why

It’s getting worse because the end (as we know it) is close. But with it comes new beginnings. Yours will either be blissful or tormenting. Good thing you get to pick.

Do it soon.

Because Jesus is on the horizon. Are you ready?

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