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Are you out of place in life? Do you feel like you were meant to be elsewhere doing something different?

If so, Risen is your story. You may want to check it out and here’s why:

It will change you.

How so? Well, consider CBS recently said 84% of people feel like they’re in the wrong career. Sounds like a minor problem until you realize careers usually span a lifetime. So essentially 84% of the population feels like they’re living the wrong life.

This is especially true of Christians.

Redeemed and washed by the Blood of Christ, most Christians are unfulfilled in their secular careers. They feel like their societal contribution is meaningless and their time is wasted.

How does Risen play into this? Well, because it’s so relate-able. It’s a story of us; of you: a bored, bill-paying machine doing a job you’re not sure God wants you to continue. Someone punching life’s clock, drifting and uncertain of their place.

In Risen, Joseph Fiennes portrays Clavius, a mission-driven Roman soldier tasked with ensuring the rumored Messiah – Christ – is dead from crucifixion. Clavius personally orders the stake driven into Jesus’ side and, satisfied the job is done, moves on.

Until three days later.

An unsettled Pontius Pilate orders Clavius to recover the body of the Messiah in a desperate attempt to quell rumors He has risen from the dead. Clavius concurs and sets out.

What he discovers over the next few days – about life, Jesus, eternity, evenhimself – crumbles his foundation. He is driven to an unexpected crossroads and is forced to choose between a sedated existence or extreme harvest. He must pick: his old, safe life…or the life God has for him.

And so it is with us, Friend.

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We face the same choice. When we’ve been reborn, resurrected to new life, what will we do with it? Surely we cannot continue the same. We’ve been remade. The old creatures are gone; new creations are all that remain.

I was an adult when I was saved. I had an established IT career and spent my life bettering a government organization. Before salvation it was great: money, stability, scalability, etc.

Imagine my conundrum, however, when I converted. My salvation experience was like being railroaded by a mack truck. Rare to take anything lightly, I jumped in headfirst. I was hard core...and no longer satisfied in my job.

For years I wrestled with unsettling restlessness and a nagging voice: you’re not where I want you to be, it would say.

What was I going to do about it?

As I sat glued to my chair, wide-eyed watching Clavius, I saw me. Conflicted. Struggling. Unsatisfied. Fearful of regret from a life lived incorrectly.

As the movie crested and plot turned, however, other emotions replaced the prior ones: resolution. Commitment. Willing to lay everything down for the life God had for me instead of the one I’d been living.

My Friend, your experience will be the same. Don’t let life slip away. You were meant to be effective; used profoundly by the Lord your God. Your harvest should be extreme. You are supposed to be powerful. If your feet are planted where mine once were – in the Lost Disillusioned Land – Risen is just what you need.

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