Searching for Answers

Searching For Answers

The Devil is making quite a debut.

Last night I saw the preview for the new TV-series Damien.  Basically, this series picks up where the movie The Omen stopped.  It’s about a man who realizes he’s the Antichrist.

Interestingly, there’s another series coming out called Lucifer.  It’s about – you guessed it – Satan.  In the series, he’s grown bored of his underworld activities and comes to earth – L.A. more specifically – to work in law enforcement.

I haven’t seen either of these series, but I don’t need to watch them to know why they exist.

People are searching for answers.

Listen, most of us want to know what’s going on.  Not what we’re told to believe, but the truth.

We want to know why we’re here.  What’s happening to our worldWhat should we doCan we do anything?

I remember sitting in my friend’s car during a very confusing time.  It appeared as though I was being harassed at work, and I didn’t know why.  I was a supervisor, but my authority was publicly taken from me and I was demoted.

My immediate supervisor and I got along extremely well (it was his car I was sitting in), but the power forces above him swept him aside and removed me from my position.

When I asked them why, no reason was given.

So, my supervisor and I decided to have a meeting with the woman in charge of the power forces.  We asked her what was going on, and why.

She smiled sweetly, and then answered in a parable I couldn’t understand.  We were dismissed.

The harassment continued until I finally left.

In his car that day, I wondered aloud, “Why can’t I just know the truth?  Why are we forced to wear blinders?  If I’m a bad employee, just tell me.”

I can handle the truth.  And evidently, others are searching for it, too.

We ask the important questions:  what’s happening with our world?  How will this affect me?  What will happen next?

If this is you, congratulations.  You’ve reached a point where your heart is open to truth, wherever it leads you.

I’m convinced that if you keep searching, you will find the truth you seek.

And Jesus said once you know the Truth, it will set you free (John 8:32).

If you have questions, we answer truthfully.  Visit our prayer/questions page.

May you be blessed!

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